A dark stormy night…

6 02 2008

It’s a dark stormy night…
Well… more like just a dark night with random people outside yelling.

Doesn’t seem to be going on anymore. So I finished my first rough draft for expos about an hour ago (close to 1AM). The usual writing problems are there… I kinda stray around every now and then and finally settle in somewhere… but most likely lost it completely in the intro. Oh well, the course is based on improvement, so hopefully I will improve…

So this is my first post…what do I have to say?
First, the banner was a quick 5 minute Pshop. But let’s talk about that banner. Featured in the banner is my new current object of affection, Wonder Girls’s Sun Ye. I’ll make a better one when I get time!

Lately I’ve been really getting into Korean music with my one year of listening to Clazziquai Project (which is still going strong) and obsession over Jeon Ji Hyun (and MSG and WS). And over the weekend I have become mad obsessed with the Wonder Girls. Google them or whatever. My favorite is the leader, Sun Ye. I think she looks quite pretty (she reminds me of Shibata Ayumi) though her prettiness in my eyes kinda varies from picture to picture.

The “Tell Me” song really is addictive… and that dance… looks kinda fun… I also like some of their other songs (I can’t really tell all the titles apart… lol)

Anyway, I should go to sleep soon…





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