JYP! Wonder Girls are back!

23 05 2008

JYP! and the Wonder Girls are back!

Ladies and gentlemen, they’re back and they’re So Hot. Literally… it’s the name of their new single. Read more for impressions and some screens of their new PV for it.

So I’m listening to this song while I type this at 1am.

The song is “So Hot” and the PV for it came out a couple days ago (go look it up, I’m too lazy to save you readers time). And… man, I think the song is really so hot. First, each girl had a special “sexy” or “hot” image released a couple days before the PV came out. And these images correlate pretty much with the PV.

I took a quick run through the video in an attempt to take snapshots… and man do I suck. I totally ruined this video by taking snaps of what I thought was hot (which turned out horribly misfigured, and almost always ruining So Hee ^_^; )

So I’ll pick the ones that are actually decent for some eye candy. It’s late and I’m too lazy to go google images and do a better job at screencapping.

So Hot

This is by far the best screencap I could get, since I actually paused the beginning of the video. But look at it. It’s like… Wonder Girls are So Hot for JYP. That’s a scary thought actually…

Wonder Girls

Here we go, horrendous quality screencaps. Here are the Wonder Girls in their new outfits. Yoo Bin is no longer the only one exposing her delicious gams. But she still has some serious style with whatever it is she’s wearing. And seriously… Yoo Bin basically has the best legs among WG. There’s So Hee (her shirt says STOP and so I will). Leader Sun Ye <3. I find it funny she’s the only one wearing pants. But then again I feel that it makes her look SO HOT. I actually like the short hair too (probably Yoo Bin’s old wig…). Ye Eun, doesn’t look too bad. And Sun Mi doesn’t look too bad either. In fact, I think Sun Mi is wearing the most normal outfit possible.

First time trying out that gallery function from WP, so forgive me if it’s horrible.

Anyway, the song itself is not retro pop like Tell Me. I’d say it’s more along the lines of Irony. Kinda like R&B, I guess, not sure how to classify it. The video is full of sex appeal with the dance moves (and Sun Ye and Yoo Bin monopolizing their hotness). But it’s not really that bad. The song isn’t too bad, it’ll probably grow on me eventually once the single comes out. I like Yoo Bin’s rap in this one ^_^.

So, as if I haven’t said it already… but Sun Ye is hot with those pants. She makes pants as hot as hotpants are.

~Siggy, who thinks Sun Ye deserves more spotlight than other dumplings *cough*




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