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23 05 2008

Wonder Girls are really hot right about now on the internet. I know because I had a random surge of traffic generated from my review of the PV. No one commented though ><

So here’s some more hot stuff for all you hungry WG fans.

Hot eyecandy (be warned it’s So Hot)

From youngest to oldest:

Sun Mi\'s image for WG\'s \

Sun Mi is kinda hot here. She’s got a lot of guys shopping for her… too bad she can’t get them to buy her a giant diamond ring.

So Hee\'s image for WG\'s \\

The cute dumpling is kinda hot… But I’m not going to say anything further.

Sun Ye\'s image in WG\'s \\

So Hot… omg Sun Ye is sooo hot. Even with those pants. and that wig. It’s like she’s saying:
“Help me, Siggy! I’m too hot for these guys.” – hah… i wish

Ye Eun\'s image in WG\'s single \\

Looks like that guy is biting her shoe. Must be a hot shoe…

Yoo Bin\'s image in WG\'s single \\

Yoo Bin disappoints me, this could’ve been a LOT HOTTER. Still hot anyway… ; )

Leaked cover for Wonder Girls new single, \\

I have to admit, my one gripe about the cover is that Sun Ye gets TOTALLY jyped in this (pun intended). Why is there a lens flare on her in the first place? It doesn’t at all help. She’s the leader! I mean you could’ve given that spotlight to So Hee (I’m beginning to see some Koharu parallels now). On a side note… Sun Mi does not look hot at all, she looks confused.

~Siggy, who thinks Sun Ye deserves more since she is leader after all~




3 responses

23 05 2008

Sun Ye is pretty.

hell, all korean girls are pretty. I think I have yellow fever. O_O

17 12 2008

come on girls if you have cofident and be brave to stand out wear lipgloss

19 01 2011

soooooooo hoot hoooooot woow

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