[REVIEW] Wonder Girls – So Hot

8 06 2008

Leaked cover for Wonder Girls new single, \\

Artist: Wonder Girls

Release Date: June 3rd, 2008

Genre: Korean Pop

Label: Loen Entertainment

Format: CD

The Wonder Girls are back with their comeback hit after the “Tell Me” phenomenon that roared through Korea last fall. So, how does their new single which practically been in the making for half a year, stack compared to their trademark song? Heaven knows I actually like Tell Me (it took me a couple months though for me to actually really like it)

So what do I think of it after listening to it through a couple of times giving each track fair listening? Well, read more to find out.

Honestly, I like Tell Me. And I also like a good portion of their first album, The Wonder Years. So I can safely say that I do have a fandom for the Wonder Girls. Besides, Sun Ye and Yoo Bin are hot ^_~


01. So Hot
02. This Time
03. You’re Out
04. Tell Me (Rap Version)

1. So Hot

So Hot is just basically so hot. It’s probably the hype from Tell Me that’s gotten everyone to automatically accept WG’s songs as a big hit. After all they are produced by JYP and he’s a big hit machine too (Rain anyone?). The opening has a pretty nice ring to it. I have to admit, I’m kinda two-sided about the whole “JYP we’re back” thing. But one can always omit that part of the song. Sun Mi opens the song and you know, her voice isn’t too bad. Sun Ye is music to my ears ^_^. Ye Eun is also good of course. So Hee… ugh… the contrast is still SO clear. Her voice reminds me of Sayumi in the pre 7th generation days of Morning Musume. It sounds like there’s one girl that just seriously can’t sing. And while I certainly can’t sing better than So Hee, it sometimes breaks the image of the other girls that can hold their own vocally. The chorus is pretty catchy. But I’ll never think of doing this dance. Yoo Bin’s rap is also very nice. The lyrics themselves are pretty much about them being so hot and stuff. You can look up the subtitled version of the PV online, but its one of those kinda “ironic” kinda songs. Overall this song is very good. It’s ripping the charts up in Korea so I presume everyone else thinks it’s really good too.

8 out of 10 So Hee dropping to the floor moments ^_^

2. This Time

This Time is a nice sweet little ballad from the Wonder Girls. Which is nice because I really do love my ballads. It makes me think of Wishing on a star at first, but it’s different. Actually… at this point I’m having a very hard time categorizing music. But this song is slower than most other upbeat songs and is definitely aimed at ballad genre. From what I’ve heard the girls have fair line distribution (unlike other girl groups *cough* momusu *cough*). I like the chorus. I’m pretty sure it’s Sun Ye rocking the chorus. The English is pretty clear, surprisingly. I haven’t read a translation yet but it’s a ballad so it can’t possibly be about something ridiculuous. Might I add, So Hee is again another dead obvious voice in this song. Upon a second listen I think I only heard her voice once. Her voice isn’t that annoying in this song though. But that’s because Sun Ye (again… I’m pretty sure it’s her voice in the forefront) totally pwning the song. If only what she said in English were aimed at me… ^_~

8 out of 10 Sun Ye English choruses

3. You’re Out

Here we go an upbeat song! I’m pretty sure it’s Yoo Bin at the beginning of the song talking which is a nice change from the usual JYP guy. I can very clearly hear So Hee in this song again. But she sounds a little sweet this time rather than annoying. I don’t know why but I really like this song. I think it’s the verses where they keep ending with the sow part. It’s kinda catchy and fun to listen to. So for once I’m not going to condemn So Hee. Yoo Bin has a more subdued rap this time. But it seems slightly complicated. But it doesn’t stick out like your average Yoo Bin rap. Boo… I like her raps…

8 out of 10 JYP announcers missing

4. Tell Me (Rap Version)

Well, I don’t really think I need to review this song. But since I never reviewed it before I guess I will. Thankfully they did include this song on this single. The original release of Tell Me on the Wonder Girls first album didn’t have the Yoo Bin rap. It has something to do with the whole Hyun A leaving and Yoo Bin entering phase in which they did the PV after the song got put onto the CD I guess. Anyway, if you’ve seen any performance or the music video or have heard the song in the background while watching people of all occupations and ages dance to it, then this is it. This is WG’s jump to stardom. Catchy music, chorus, dance. Just about everything is perfect about this song, imo. That is until So Hee starts to sing. I have to stop getting on So Hee’s case… lol. She’s cute with the omona part, though. I’ll give her that much.

10 out of 10 omona’s

The packaging… god… I really want to know whose idea it was to shoot a lens flare on Sun Ye. I understand that they’re being captured in their hot glory, but did they really have that big of a lens flare on Sun Ye?? That’s my main gripe with this cover. On a related note, Sun Mi doesn’t look very hot at all. She looks more confused than hot. But the overall image of the cover with the single is good. I just think leader Sun Ye doesn’t deserve that giant lens flare.


As a single it doesn’t have any instrumental tracks which is a slight disappointment. I like my instrumentals. But 4 tracks (technically 3) is a good number for singles. For Wonder Girls’ big comeback single after months of Tell Me, it’s really good. Is it better than Tell Me? Well… Tell Me was just one song. Personally, I like Tell Me more. But that’s probably bias talking, since that was what introduced me to Wonder Girls in the first place. The songs are good. The girls are hot. What more can you ask for?

8 out of 10 lens flares that need to GO AWAY

~Siggy, who thinks Sun Ye deserves better~




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