J-music survey

21 06 2008

While doing my IW runs for the day I ran into a post about J-music. It’s actually a survey, so I’ll fill it to the best of my ability.

1. What was the first Japanese song that you ever listened to?
As far as I can remember, it would probably have to go as far back as… anime days. I first listened to one of the opening/ending songs for DragonballZ (the name escapes me). But the first Japanese anime song, I can recall actually listening to (not out of situation) would have to be “Just Communication” by Two-Mix. Now the first actual Japanese song from J-pop, I would have to say it was by SPEED. I believe it was Go Go Heaven.

2. Did it inspire you to like that group/singer, or did it turn you away?
I listened to a couple more songs to SPEED. I also listened to some more songs from Two-Mix. And eventually steered away from anime music to J-pop thanks to SPEED (and accidentally downloading a mislabelled song that turned out to be Ayumi Hamasaki’s “poker face”).

3. What is the one song that you have been listening to for the longest time?
The one song I have been listening to for the longest time… is such a hard thing to pinpoint exactly. I have since stopped listening to SPEED and anime music, but my love for Ayumi still extends to today. I have been primarily listening to the songs on the & single (ourselves, Greatful days, HANABI ~episode II~) and time and time again… I’m just amazed at how excellent those songs are (it really depends on which one I happen to listen to and then put on repeat for 400 times).

4. What group/singer have you liked the longest?
Ayumi Hamasaki has been my divine goddess of J-pop as far back as 2004 (even longer if you count the songs I listened to before I “re-discovered” her).

5. What is the song with the most plays on your itunes/media player?
uhhh… I don’t track number of plays since I haven’t totally organized everything.

6. Is that song your favorite?

7. If not, what is?
I can’t pick a favorite song… too many excellent songs out there! But if I’ll pick one it’ll be “Greatful days” by Ayumi Hamasaki.

8. Is there any one group that you can listen to all/most of the songs by? If so, who?
Clazziquai Project is a wonderful Korean fusion and all around cool group I got into 2 years ago. I can proudly say that they have the highest average of songs that if forced I would enjoy listening to all/most. However, I do generally skip a lot of songs and put the really excellent songs on repeat forever.

9. What is your favorite agency?
Avex. Because UFA treats their girls badly sometimes.

10. What is your favorite group/singer?
Girl group: Morning Musume (by far)
Boy group: … do I even have one?
Girl/Boy group: Clazziquai Project
Rapper: VERBAL (and m-flo in general)
Female Singer: Ayumi Hamasaki
Male Singer: can’t think of one.

So there you have it!




2 responses

19 07 2008
PePeTTe ?!

“10. What is your favorite group/singer?
Girl group: Morning Musume (by far)”
Oh, I just listen a few songs from them but I really liked. Could you tell me some of their famous songs ? or the one you like the most ?
onegaishimasu ^_^

24 07 2008

Most of their famous songs are from their A-side singles, particularly from the Golden era. I actually got ahold of their ALL SINGLES COMPLETE 10th anniversary collection recently and am writing a review for it. Should be published when I get time to finish it.

Some songs I really love from them:
The Peace, I WISH, Osaka Koi no Uta, Iroppoi Jirettai, Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari, Resonant Blue

I actually like a lot of their songs.
Hope I answered your question ^_^.

Glad to see this is the first person who’s commented me that I don’t know XD


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