28 09 2008

It’s been like 3 months since I’ve posted anything. Sorry, life got a little busy. I am actually a bit really busy right now studying (trying) for exams that are coming up. So I won’t be able to do long posts nor should I even be posting. But we all procrastinate anyway…

I have a lot of things I’m procrastinating. I think I have like at least 6 drafts on the backburner still incomplete. I have like 9 JPS downloads I need to take care of. And of course the daunting task of organizing all my music (it’s now over 5000). That and of course schoolwork.

I title this post Phoenix to represent my comeback. Let’s hope I actually pull through with this comeback though XD. And to consolidate my comeback I’ll put some content in this post as my promise that I will update more frequently (I plan at least weekly). I don’t believe I have any real readers but I’m still getting hits for my old posts so that motivates me to write more.

As for content, I don’t have much to say but what I’ve been up to lately in the entertainment world.

  • I’ve been watching the new episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Summer Glau is so hot…) and Smallville (as bogus as it is, this season might be pretty good).
  • Over the time that I’ve been gone I acquired a couple goodies I will review in upcoming posts.
  • I heard C-ute’s “new” song, Edo no Temari Uta II. God… I wish that song was longer. That walk dance or whatever they do is… I don’t know why but I really like it.
  • Also heard (and saw) Berryz’s ridiculuous Monkey Dance song…
  • Morning Musume has a new song so gotta review that!
  • Wonder Girls, I’m sure everyone knows has a new song, I promise to get to that by this weekend (Friday or Saturday, possibly Thursday night).
  • Also, a game review will be coming in a week or two (depending on how long it takes me to beat it in between all my classes).
  • So that’s a lot of stuff and more! I promise I will update more often. And as a commitment to that I declare Sunday as “Eyecandy Sunday”!

My favorite, Momusu girl, Niigaki Risa from the Mikan photoshoot

I’ve been growing to like Suzuki Airi lately

Sadly, since I’m not a picture collector I don’t have a lot of good pics. But here’s some more Gaki-san!

I’ll be back within the week! (I don’t actually know why the pictures space out like that, anyone care to tell me how to fix that?)