[Review] Wonder Girls – Nobody

6 10 2008

I want nobody nobody but you.

I’ll take Sun Ye, Ye Eun, or Yoo Bin ^_^.

Let’s have a quick review of Nobody shall we? The single is released but I can’t quite find good pictures of it so I have no pictures for this sadly… T_T But here goes my review.

01 . Intro
02 . Nobody
03 . I tried
04 . Saying I love you
05 . Nobody (Rainstone Remix)
06 . Nobody (Inst.)
07 . I tried (Inst.)
08 . Saying I love you (예은곡)(Inst.)
09 . Nobody (Rainstone Remix) (Inst.)

Pretty decent tracklisting for a single. It’s rare for me to see a single that’s more than 3 or 4 tracks long (including instrumentals).

01. Intro

The intro is simply a majestic dramatic version of the A-side Nobody. This was shown as a sneak preview for the Wonder Girls new project. It’s very powerful and dramatic. I believe it’s from the end part where Ye Eun rocks her vocals a little bit before Yoo Bin’s rap. It’s simply an intro and it works.

9 out of 10 Ye Eun dramatic lines

02. Nobody

And here we have our A-side to this single. Honestly, I really like this song. It’s quite catchy. And it’s a feat to count all the times they say “nobody”. It’s a bit retro and honestly you can probably hear some of the quirky sounds that they used in Tell Me in the background. I really like the intro instrumental. It’s very cool and in the PV, very sexy ^_~. The girls wear dresses from times long ago (well you probably wouldn’t normally see them like that). The chorus is catchy. The lyrics from what I remember make sense and are good. I’m still annoyed at So Hee yes. Her look in the PV annoys me, especially that stupid talk chomp thing she does. It reminds me of Mittsi’s dumb big wave thing (except that was even dumber). I can hear Sun Ye and Sun Mi. The real magic is in Ye Eun really stressing her vocals (as can be heard in the intro). Also Yoo Bin’s rap, wow I’m very impressed by it. It’s very catchy and I really like it. I like the ending right before Ye Eun’s big line, that was a really cool thing in the PV. Hell, the PV is very amusing. JYP is the big star who gets this song and has the girls as his backup vocals/dancers. He gets stuck in the toilet before his big show because there’s no toilet paper (this actually happens a lot in real life). And the girls take the stage all of a sudden and become a big hit. Gee…if only really happened that way, huh? This song already has a lot of praise going for it. And I will add to that praise.

10 out of 10 Nobody’s that you probably missed when you tried counting it

03. I Tried

This one is a very nice sounding ballad. Not super slow, but something calm and smooth. Vocals are pretty good. So Hee of course is always noticeable (it’s just because I’m expecting to hear her that I always end up criticizing). It’s a pretty sweet song. Very calming and overall a nice tune to just chill out to or study organic chemistry over. Uh… ignore that last comment ^_^; I don’t recall hearing Yoo Bin in this one. Maybe I just need another listen through. Help me out someone, tell me where Yoo Bin is in this song.

8 out of 10 times I tried to listen for Yoo Bin’s voice

04. Saying “I Love You”

This is a special Wonder Girls gem. Ye Eun composed this song (from scratch I believe?) which really shows her skills and the fact that Wonder Girls is not just your average of run-of-the-mill idol group. You know what, this song is cool. It’s another ballad. But not a pathetic sappy slow ballad. It’s got this progressive sound to it. The thing that gets me is that the way the lyrics are shot out don’t sound like a normal song. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Someone help me out and tell me where Yoo Bin’s voice is. Is that Yoo Bin at the beginning? I can’t tell. But hell, I like this song. It works for a B-side.

9 out of 10 times I thought about saying “I Love You” to someone.

05. Nobody (Rainstone Remix)

This is the extremely slow version of Nobody. No cool, dancy tune. Just acoustic instruments (I think they are) and smooth vocals and a little bit of a hip-hop beat playing in the background. It is a slower version of Nobody and you can hear the lyrics a little more clearly enunciated. Yoo Bin also has a new rap, which I don’t like as much. When they performed this they did a really sexy chair dance. But I guess that’s the only thing you can do with a song like this, either that or stand there (or sit). But that would be no fun.

7 out of 10 Nobody’s you missed because you didn’t anticipate the tempo

The rest of the tracks are Instrumentals for the 4 songs. This is quite a release. Wonder Girls has a big following and I’ve liked a good majority of their releases. No wonder I like them ^_~. The release package as far as I know is pretty good, especially with working the retro (probably 60s or 70s) theme. They have these really annoying looking wigs. But with the Wonder Girls’ history of wigs, whose to blame them for sporting wigs, especially since it is to fit the image this time. So all in all quite a good release.

Total score:

~9 out of 10 nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody but you!~




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