27 10 2008

Recently I destroyed my limited bandwidth by grabbing the Summer Wonderful Hearts concert. Was it worth it, losing internet for a week?

I think so. I did a live write-up as I watched the concert for fun, so I’ll post that maybe. Until then I’m just rotting here because of exams. So I won’t be able to update a lot for the next two weeks.

This week’s topic!

Buono… wow, I really like them. They have a really enduring pop-rock sound. I just heard Lotta Love Lotta Love and really like it (I already liked their previous release). I’m actually a bit confused about the title of the song but that’s for another day. The PV is okay. You can clearly see the girls dancing and all. Airi looks good but looks more like a kid (then again she is just like 14 years old XD).

Here’s random pictures to pass the time! (from the H!O picboard!)

Soon to be leader of everything!

For some reason, I really like this picture of Airi

My favorite member from C-ute!

LOL… I never tire of their antics (I love the Gaki-san’s expression <3)

So cute!

I Maimi Mine!

On a sidenote, the computer lab’s keyboards are extremely crunchy. I hate typing on crunchy keyboards. Also on another sidenote, I am eagerly awaiting Takahashi’s drama outing. I hope it doesn’t do a lot to the H!P schedule, as it will no doubt make her have a lot of work. But hey that’s what a leader is for.

PSS… I hate it when people text me on my cell-phone.




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