Song of the Week 003 – poker face

27 11 2008

This week’s song is “poker face” by the J-pop queen and my personal favorite singer, Ayumi Hamasaki. Any fan of Ayumi Hamasaki will recognize ‘poker face’ as her official first single from Avex Trax. This song was released 10 years ago back in April. While, Ayumi was relatively unknown at the time, this song was one of the footsteps she took to dominating the J-pop industry.

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Song of the Week 002 – Go Go Heaven

21 11 2008

Here we are! The second installment of Song of the Week. This week’s song is “Go Go Heaven” by Speed. This song is actually another historical part of my musical evolution. I no longer listen to Speed and never really got into them anyway. But this song is important!

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[REVIEW] POLYSICS – We Ate the Machine

21 11 2008


Siggy here with my latest capture, POLYSICS’s new album, “We Ate the Machine”. For this post I will be reviewing the Japanese version of the album which came out in April earlier this year. Be aware that POLYSICS released the album in America through Myspace Records. My major gripe with that album is that some of the songs were re-done in English. And personally I like the Japanese versions of the song better. Without further adieu here is my review of We Ate the Machine!

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FOREVER LOVE Impressions

17 11 2008

C-ute’s new single FOREVER LOVE is due for release at the end of the month. And you know what, I only recently learned what the single was called. Then I saw pictures of their new outfit and the like. And then the PV came out on Dohhh UP! So of course it’s C-ute how can I refuse? Read more for my impressions.

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Song of the Week 001 – Just Communication

14 11 2008

In my growing effort to keep up with my blog, I will be now updating at least weekly with a (hopefully) short article about a song. I’ll give my 2 cents about it and of course tell you why I picked it for display (I mean if I’m talking about it, it must be quite a song! ^_^)

That being said, I want to say that I’m quite happy that I was tagged by Intlwota the other day. That was by far my busiest day and I have all the visitors (whether or not they went farther than my front page) to thank. So thank you readers, I’m sure I have some readers out there who are just to shy to comment. It has been a hectic past 2 weeks on top of a lot of exams and it’s far from over but I suppose I can update during my studying breaks. So without further ado I present to you, the Song of the Week!

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Wonderful Hearts Summer 2008

7 11 2008

Last week I had the pleasure of watching the Wonderful Hearts Summer 2008 Concert. And boy, it was a joy to watch. I could write about everything but that would be such a long boring post. So I will simply write highlights and my most important thoughts regarding the concert in general. And of course I include pictures for fear that it would be too boring of a post otherwise (which come on… we all know it would be).

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