Wonderful Hearts Summer 2008

7 11 2008

Last week I had the pleasure of watching the Wonderful Hearts Summer 2008 Concert. And boy, it was a joy to watch. I could write about everything but that would be such a long boring post. So I will simply write highlights and my most important thoughts regarding the concert in general. And of course I include pictures for fear that it would be too boring of a post otherwise (which come on… we all know it would be).

Yes, I know I’m horrible at screencapping. But hey it’d be hard enough to do this live at the concert right?


This is exactly what I think of when I think of H!P. Flowing water. But the intro was really cool actually. In fact had it not been for the fact that the Wonderful Hearts were what I was looking forward to, I would’ve been disappointed that the water went away.

vlcsnap-661813 vlcsnap-2309449 vlcsnap-2309490 vlcsnap-2309609

Manatsu no Kousen

There’s this kinda funny but cute cap I got of Koharu right after the performance of Natsu Love Romance. I think after this concert I have learned to appreciate Koharu more. She’s so tall… I actually liked this pic of Mittsi. And the pandas actually had some presence. I really liked this performance of the classic song. Takahashi sounded good and I actually liked Reina’s voice. And of course Gaki-san (hence why she’s among the group of screencaps) vocals are always welcome!

vlcsnap-2309948 vlcsnap-2310039

Actually the reason why I watched the concert.
The VTR intro was very cool though.
Oh and I don’t care what you think, Makoto is the man.

vlcsnap-2310150 vlcsnap-2310207

That walking dance from Edo no Temari Uta II is sooo cool. I have no idea why.
Oh and Airi looks great, so does Maimi but she’s got more on ^_~

vlcsnap-2310646 vlcsnap-2310839

The papapancake song kinda freaked me out, I never really listened to any of Koharu’s anime songs before. But it’s kinda growing on me now. On a side note, I never knew there was an egg that wore glasses during performances (I tried to get a cap but it was somewhat hard with them moving around so much).

vlcsnap-2311155 vlcsnap-2311273

I think it’s safe to say Chinami is my favorite member of Berryz.

vlcsnap-2311895 vlcsnap-2312327

The cool spiral in Resonant Blue is too cool not to cap.
Junjun <333
(Koharu’s “Help Me” got even worse… XD)

vlcsnap-2312724 vlcsnap-2312855

I’m koiing koiING (though I personally do like the group version better).
Another classic song performed by cutesy girls (Risako isn’t that cute to me though).

vlcsnap-2313109 vlcsnap-2313259 vlcsnap-2313297 vlcsnap-2313398

HIGH-KING!!! and Kioku no Meiro! What an awesome song and a pretty good dance too (it was hard to cap.) I love Kioku no Meiro, it’s actually my best friend’s ringtone so I always answer when I hear it. After the songs (they performed CC first of course) they did a MC segment. No idea what was going on but… hey Takahashi and Maimi with tennis rackets!


I don’t know her very well at all. The song doesn’t really wow me. But she has her own costume and she’s the only person other than Takahashi to get a solo in this concert. That’s quite an achievement right there.

vlcsnap-2313771 vlcsnap-2313966 vlcsnap-2313909 vlcsnap-2314226 vlcsnap-2314274

This song was owned by Gaki-san. She’s so pretty here + the flower dance <33
Kamei was also pretty in this.
(Oh and Mittsi was in this too)

vlcsnap-2314543 vlcsnap-2314628

Junjun was the star in Tropical Koishiteru.
The H!P kids were the stars rapping in the song that I don’t know the name of.

vlcsnap-2315585 vlcsnap-2315694 vlcsnap-2315844

I’d want Airi sleeping on my shoulder. I gotta admit she looks really cool with that outfit. Oh and Momo scares me… a lot

vlcsnap-2316067 vlcsnap-2316134 vlcsnap-2316151 vlcsnap-2316167

Maimi is hot.
I was disappointed that there was no intro popping dance. That’s my favorite part of the song (since usually Erika and Maimi are up front ^_^)




“They told me I’m graduating Elder Club and being put into Morning Musume.”
Actually here she was mocking the members, I thought Junjun was kinda funny though.

Because Maimi is hot.

vlcsnap-2323137 vlcsnap-2323311 vlcsnap-2323480

That’s the Wonderful Hearts there. I was pleasantly surprised by Junjun and Linlin’s solo lines. I had heard they had a solo but I didn’t expect an actual Chinese solo.


And I leave you with this awesome picture of Gaki-san ❤

Overall it was a pretty good concert. Surprisingly, Junjun got a lot of camera shots and she was put on the spotlight several times (same for Linlin but not so much camera). Most of the songs were each respective group’s recent releases, which is good. They should be marketing their recent selves instead of always delving into the past. You leave that to the B-side of the concert. And they did a good job picking out other old songs (songs I don’t even know). Really good concert. They didn’t play any of the well known Morning Musume Golden Era songs, but that’s fine. It was very united and very cool. Though I miss Makoto doing some ridiculous dance like he used to when he’d be in a big H!P concert.




2 responses

8 11 2008

Nice report. It was an excellent concert, much cleaner and less cluttered than prior Hello! Project mega-concerts, but I liked last summer’s concert a little better because it was at Saitama Super Arena and the additional Elder Club members actually made it more interesting.

10 11 2008

i’ve watched it too^^…
The last Wonderful Hearts concert was a real wonderful.And there are some units like buono!, milky way, and high-king which is just simply awesome..! Talkin about the best part, i always loved the Solo parts that Yuuka’s had on [ Kioku no meiiru ] ‘s High-King’s song…! and at last , i likes the eggs too ^^

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