Song of the Week 001 – Just Communication

14 11 2008

In my growing effort to keep up with my blog, I will be now updating at least weekly with a (hopefully) short article about a song. I’ll give my 2 cents about it and of course tell you why I picked it for display (I mean if I’m talking about it, it must be quite a song! ^_^)

That being said, I want to say that I’m quite happy that I was tagged by Intlwota the other day. That was by far my busiest day and I have all the visitors (whether or not they went farther than my front page) to thank. So thank you readers, I’m sure I have some readers out there who are just to shy to comment. It has been a hectic past 2 weeks on top of a lot of exams and it’s far from over but I suppose I can update during my studying breaks. So without further ado I present to you, the Song of the Week!

Two-Mix – Just Communication

Song001 - Just Communication

Why did I pick it?
Many anime fans may recall Gundam Wing. It was the anime that really made Gundam popular in America. It was the first Gundam that I watched back when I was young and impressionable. “Just Communication” by Two-Mix is the first opening song for the 49 episode anime. In the American dub it can be heard occasionally in some episodes (for example when Heero pops his dislocated leg back in). I loved the anime and it will always have a special place in my heart. You see this anime was what really introduced me to Japanese music indirectly. This was the first real Japanese song that I listened to because I felt it sounded good. So in a way, “Just Communication” was the little pebble that formed the ripples of my interest in Japanese music today.

What kind of song is it?
“Just Communication” is a somewhat dancey song. I’m not sure what to categorize most songs. But I know this is definitely pop. And since Two Mix typically makes lots of songs that are good for dancey tunes. Let’s call it dancey pop! Really, this is what J-pop is. Anime music was my first exposure to J-pop. I now call this kind of music, “Anime Music”, because I like to differentiate it from the more mainstream J-pop I listen to.

What does it mean?
No idea what the lyrics mean. But it’s not like I really care. It never occurred to me that I should question a song’s quality solely because of its lyrics. I like the music and overall feeling and that’s good enough for me.

How good is it?
As I have already stated (this is my first time, give me a break) it was a good song. I really liked it in my childhood. The song got overshadowed by other songs that I liked way more (like Rhythm Emotion). But still the song still shines in my heart because it was the stepping stone to something much bigger. So I owe a lot to this song. It’s quite a good song.

Next week, I’ll report on another stepping stone of my musical history. Here’s a clue to those people who have great guessing skills. The song has the word “heaven” in it and is sung by a 4 member girl group that was quite famous for their time.




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16 11 2008
annabelle Goldsby

Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

6 12 2010
glee music

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