FOREVER LOVE Impressions

17 11 2008

C-ute’s new single FOREVER LOVE is due for release at the end of the month. And you know what, I only recently learned what the single was called. Then I saw pictures of their new outfit and the like. And then the PV came out on Dohhh UP! So of course it’s C-ute how can I refuse? Read more for my impressions.


First let me start by saying that, yes this does somewhat remind of Resonant Blue. It’s not as dark in the background but the girls are still wearing white and black. But the style for the song is definitely not Resonant Blue. It’s more Resonant Love. The song itself isn’t very cutesy (C-ute is doing a great job at keeping up their namesake XD). It’s got some guitar in it and is upbeat pop. It’s quite dancey too. This song is heavily dominated by Mairi. But not as heavy as Resonant Blue’s triple triad dominance. The other girls do get some of their own lines whether its combined (for some odd reason Erika and Kanna had a line together where Maimai and Saki had their own lines). I’m not complaining, I like Airi’s voice and Maimi’s voice is good too. But I would like to hear some more equal line distribution.


The girls have very stylish black and white outfits in this one. In the back of my hand I’m thinking that Kanna can almost pass for a Johnny. Chisato is like the blushing popular girl (but not narcissistic) in school. Maimi and Erika are like the partners in crime class reps. Airi is airi, need I say more? Saki is like the oblivious weirdo girl (I think it’s the forehead that gives me this impression). And Maimai, wow I’ve really taken a liking to her especially with this look, she looks like the cutesy girl everyone loves. I like the outfits. I really like Airi’s hair and Maimai’s hair too. Maimi’s hair is pretty normal for her. Chisato’s hair is actually pretty nice. Erika…. something is weird about her hair, it’s like you notice more than ever that her hair isn’t black.


Onto the PV. The PV has lots of dancing. Dare I say this dancing is the most complex and fancy I’ve seen them do all this time. They have alternate outfits in parts of the PV. The outfits look kinda nice. I really like what Airi is wearing, no idea what it’s called. Erika’s outfit TOTALLY reminds me of Irony from the Wonder Girls. Maimai looks so cute and she’s growing up… man you can really see it now. I actually like them in the black and white outfits more. Guess I really like uniforms. Oh and the dance break is awesome, pure awesome.

^_^ Looking forward to the official release.




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