[REVIEW] POLYSICS – We Ate the Machine

21 11 2008


Siggy here with my latest capture, POLYSICS’s new album, “We Ate the Machine”. For this post I will be reviewing the Japanese version of the album which came out in April earlier this year. Be aware that POLYSICS released the album in America through Myspace Records. My major gripe with that album is that some of the songs were re-done in English. And personally I like the Japanese versions of the song better. Without further adieu here is my review of We Ate the Machine!


As shown above I have taken pictures of my very own copy of the Japanese album. Ignore the highlighters and flags in the background. My desk is the best place for me to take pictures. Since I have this album I will share some snaps of the album so the whole review doesn’t seem boring as hell to read.


  1. Moog is Love
  2. Pretty Good
  3. Rocket
  4. Kikai Tabechaimashita (I Ate the Machine)
  5. DNA Junction
  6. Kagayake
  7. Pony & Lion
  8. Arigato
  9. Irotokage
  10.   Mind Your Head
  11.   Digital Coffee
  12.   Boys & Girls
  13.   Blue Noise
  14.   Dry or Wet


1. Moog is Love

This song is a pretty good opener to the album. It’s good ol’ rock with some electric noise in it. Moog is Love, so whatever moog is, it’s love. As always I love the vocoder usage for the chorus. I actually don’t really like this song much. The guitar solo isn’t too exciting and overall it’s just a pretty simple song overall. Next!

~5 out of 10 Moogs that are lovely~

2. Pretty Good

This song is not only just pretty good (did you notice I had described the last song as “pretty good”) it’s AMAZING. This is my favorite song on the album that is a single.  This was an awesome single with an awesome PV too. It’s a very energetic rock song with Kayo’s keyboard sounding more keyboard than electronic. Kayo’s robotic persona makes an appearance in the song too and everyone knows how much I love Kayo’s vocoder. The keyboard and guitar solo are amazing too. Overall, the song is too amazing, go listen to it now!

~10 out of 10, the odds that I will say that the song is “Pretty Good”, even though that’s a complete understatement~

3. Rocket

Rocket is actually the ending song to the anime Moyashimon. It’s a synth energized rock song. Vocoder – check, Keyboard – check, Kayo vocals – check, crazy Hiro vocals – check, catchy chorus – check. There, the checklist of your typical POLYSICS A-side. It was the first single released after Karate House that is on this album as a matter of fact. It’s a pretty good song and fun to listen to live.

~8 out of 10 rockets launched in the sky~

4. Kikai Tabechai Mashita

This song is as close to metal as POLYSICS will get. Fumi and Hiro team up for the win on the vocals on this song. What’s special is that giant solo in the middle of the song. It really does sound like someone’s eating the machine. They should’ve played this in Eva ^__^; It’s a good song, definitely a really good song live. How can you not like a song called “I ate the machine”?

~7 out of 10 machines eaten by Hiro~

5. DNA Junction

Yay, an Engrish song! Deciphering some of the lyrics on this song are a bit hard but Hiro put some effort into the English. This isn’t as bad as their attempt at Engrish in I My Me Mine. But then I imagine that song wasn’t fully meant to be Engrish. This song is pretty normal for a rock song with Kayo in the mix. There’s a nice keyboard solo and overall it seems to me it’s just like an album filler, which it is.

~6 out of 10 junctions that DNA have to go through in POLYSICS world~

6. Kagayake

Here’s an energetic electro-charged rock song. We’re treated to a lot of Kayo vocals for the chorus which are quite beautiful. For someone so old (that’s relative actually…) she has a very nice youthful voice. The chorus is obviously my favorite part. The keyboard is amazing there and the guitar work is cool for the rest of the song. It sounds like the same ting over and over again, but that’s part of what it is! From a quick google search, it seems Kagayake means “lighten up”. The song sure does lighten me up ^_^.

~7 out of 10 Kayo choruses that I believe were cut out from the song because it needed to be fit onto the album~

7. Pony and lion

Honestly, I don’t like this song a lot. It’s more rooted into rock that I don’t like. “Pony to lion” is heard quite a lot amongst a repeating rock beat (and some beeps from Kayo). The interesting part of this song is the talkbox (I believe that’s what it is called?) that is employed. It makes a very interesting sound (different from the more electronic vocoding sound I love). Actually it kinda scares me… maybe that’s why I don’t like the song so much.

~3 out of 10 talkboxes being employed by the government~

8. Arigatou

The beginning reminds me of a teapot boiling, hehe. The rap… I guess it can be called rap… >.> It’s rather interesting. After the rap the music goes into high gear. I like this actually. Most of the rest of the song is thanking you for listening to it. I actually watched a live of this song and appreciated this song more.

~6 out of 10 Arigatou’s that I actually remember~

9. irotokage

This is a forgettable song to me. The music has some prevailing electronic sounds. But I really can’t get into this song. I’m sorry.

~2 out of 10 times I tried to think of a decent review of this song~

10. Mind Your Head

I really like this song! This song is quite energetic in a pop-rock kind of way. It makes me think of the more energetic out of this world (you can even hear it in the background music). I love the chorus (return of the vocoder!): Mind Your Head. Everyone’s into the song and Kayo gets a cute couple of lines. And she gets a solo! I am so biased towards Kayo-centric songs… XD

~8 out of 10 times I say Mind Your Head when I sing along~

11. Digital Coffee

With the exception of Pretty Good, this is my favorite song on the album. This song is quite exemplary of the weird pop-rock I love from POLYSICS. There isn’t too much guitar but that really fleshes out the funness (if that’s even a word) of the song. The chorus is the best part. Watching it live even makes it better. Listen to this song on Mondays (if you, like myself, don’t like Mondays). It’ll cheer you up. It’s that genki!

~10 out of 10 Funny Mondays I’ve listened to this song~

12. Boys & Girls

Here we have another pop-rock song (several in a row as you can see). This song isn’t too bad. The music is really low key when Hiro sings but ramps up when everyone sings along for the chorus. Nothing too special about this song though, I guess ^_^;

~6 out of 10 Boys & Girls that liked this song~

13. Blue Noise

This is a very interesting song. I’m not sure what the entire song is done in. But someone sings using a vocoder or talkbox or some kind of voice modifier. It’s somewhat calming actually. I guess it could be called blue noise (is there a blue noise? you know like white noise and the such). It’s a unique song and I applaud for POLYSICS for venturing further into the field of music as they have here.

~7 out of 10 colorful noises heard that weren’t blue~

14. Dry or Wet

We get an energetic sendoff for the last track of this album. I like this song. You guessed it especially because of Kayo solo’s. The music is rather interesting. Much like many other songs, I have no real idea what they’re saying (the Engrish doesn’t help). But hey it’s a good song for the ending of this great album.

~7 out of 10 blankets that aren’t Dry or Wet~


This was a good album. Considering this isn’t a best of collection like POLYSICS OR DIE VISTA it’s quite good. I’ve had the chance to hear most of their albums and since I do like their modern songs I am quite pleased with this. I give this album a…

~8 out of 10 funny mondays~





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