Song of the Week 002 – Go Go Heaven

21 11 2008

Here we are! The second installment of Song of the Week. This week’s song is “Go Go Heaven” by Speed. This song is actually another historical part of my musical evolution. I no longer listen to Speed and never really got into them anyway. But this song is important!

SPEED – Go Go Heaven

Song002 - Go Go Heaven

Why did I pick it?
Many many years ago, I started taking an interest in Japanese music. This was around the time that I actually got my own computer and got dial-up internet (oh the horror T__T). So of course any curious little kid would want to experiment and see what else he can find. A family friend of mine had already journeyed on further finding other Japanese songs and groups to listen to. One particular group I saw was a 4 member girl group called SPEED. And so given my first shot at a P2P program this was the first song that I downloaded that didn’t fall in the Anime Music category. This I consider to be the real stepping stone to my musical tastes today.

What kind of song is it?
“Go Go Heaven” is a pop song that has a bit of rock flair. It’s not your normal bubblegum pop at all. I guess that’s what attracted me to it in the first place. To remember the song more clearly I watched the PV for it. Since I had never seen the PV for it when I was listening to the song (there was a time when Youtube didn’t exist you know ^_^;) I can only recall what I thought of the song. I seem to remember vague memories of the girls in white singing atop a mountain. But I realize that was what I had seen from them from another PV ^_^;.

What does it mean?
I realized this was a really pointless field to answer since I almost never look at translated lyrics. So after this post this field will no longer exist in the format of SOTW.

How is it?
I liked the song when I first heard it. It gives me nostalgia now. But hey, I no longer listen to SPEED. I’m sure for it’s time it was a good song. SPEED was around back in the late 90s (you could say Morning Musume picked up where they left off). Honestly this song makes me think of a typical slightly rock pop song. Although I really like the progressive guitar part near the end where a girl gets a nice solo. It really makes the song feel epic you know? Which it is. Because it leads up to…

Next week, the first song I heard from my all-time favorite singer. This song doesn’t get a lot of exposure but it is known to fans of this extremely popular Japanese singer. Here’s a clue: It’s extremely useful playing cards. As before comment if you can figure out who/what it is I’m referring to and look forward to it next week!




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