Song of the Week 003 – poker face

27 11 2008

This week’s song is “poker face” by the J-pop queen and my personal favorite singer, Ayumi Hamasaki. Any fan of Ayumi Hamasaki will recognize ‘poker face’ as her official first single from Avex Trax. This song was released 10 years ago back in April. While, Ayumi was relatively unknown at the time, this song was one of the footsteps she took to dominating the J-pop industry.


This was the very first song I heard from Ayumi Hamasaki (ironically it is her actual first song). At the time it was special but not in the way I liked it. I didn’t really like the song like I do some of her other songs. But it was as if I really felt a connection to the song. I think that connection inside me was not to give up on Ayumi. I did eventually and years later heard one of her famous songs. I fell in love again. But “poker face” was the starting point. And for that this song deserves a write-up.

This song is pretty old. When one really thinks about it, this song was released 10 years ago and I might as well start calling music from the 90s oldie music. Well it has that “old style” compared to newer more modern songs. When I say “old style”, I don’t mean the kind of old that you hear in old Morning Musume (now that’s old). But it’s pop with a kind of “daggling” pop feeling to it. I don’t know how to describe it, the sounds just make me think of something dangling in the background.

“poker face” is a pop song that to me sounds empowering. It’s about wanting love and having a poker face regarding this want. The PV shows off a tree with a bunch of monitors as she sings about it. I have no idea what this has to do with the lyrics, but I guess it makes sense. Though I’m not too into the lyrics, Ayumi’s songs have always had this particular emotional feeling in my heart.




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