Song of the Week 004 – Flavor Of Life

7 12 2008


This week’s song is “Flavor of Life” by the one and only, Utada Hikaru. It’s a somewhat more recent song compared to the other songs I had been reviewing. It was released in early February and was extremely popular (then again most of Hikki’s songs are). The popularity can definitely be attributed to the fact that it was the insert song for the very popular drama, Hana Yori Dango 2. You know those drama songs… they get mad popular. But hey Hikki is big in Japan so it’s not wrong to discriminate on her. It’s certainly not wrong to discriminate on a good song either (unless you just don’t feel it is good to your ears, in which case never mind).


Utada Hikaru – Flavor Of Life

To tell you the truth this song kind of annoys me. I listened to it mainly because of watching Hana Yori Dango 2. It became semi-annoying when you would hear it ring in the suspenseful parts of HYD2 (and how it would seemingly never end). But that’s besides the point. I want to point out that the above picture is the cover art for the single. It’s… simple and clean (points if you get the reference ^_~). But what’s up with the onigiri? Is that supposed to be the food that has the flavor of life? On another side note, I frequently confuse this song and call it “Flavor of Love” because it just rolls right out of the tongue. The “Flavor of Love” is just as convincing of a title as “Flavor of Life”. In fact, I believe the confusion actually comes from watching Hana Yori Dango 2, where they talk about the “flavor of love” on several occasions.

There are two definitive versions of this song (I’m not going to bother counting that one random remix). The HYD version (the “Ballad Version”) and the original version differ mainly by tempo and background music. I consider this song to be the ballad version exclusively. I feel that this song was designed to be a ballad. It has that theme of the flavor of life. So you know, it feels like a soulful song. The original version isn’t that much more upbeat it just feels more uplifting than dancey. It is a bit faster, but then again the speed is comparable to a normal speed song. The music is somewhat catchy (as all drama songs should be). The only english words are pretty much, “The Flavor Of Life”.

This song is pretty good. It isn’t one of my favorites but it deserves to be played and listened to. It has this good flavor to it if you listen to it. And unless you’re like in the mood for heavy death metal or rap, you can probably appreciate this being on your playlist.




2 responses

7 12 2008
Rawr I am Pikachu

lol “exclusively a ballad.” I agree, the ballad is much better than the original. I’ve never watched Hana Yori Dango in any of its forms; but I am a Utada fan, so I ended up listening to this song when it came out as a single. I enjoy it now and then, but I dunno if it really is a type of quality of song to deserve the attention it does. Oh well, dramas rule music sometimes, and can’t control that.

30 11 2009

idk siggy…i really like this song…i think its poetic..and better than some of her other works..although now (considering the date u posted this..and my reply) she has her This One album out…which the album song and one other song..was pretty good and catchy… LOL..but i love hikki!

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