Song of the Week 005 – Chocolate Disco

21 12 2008

I apologize for the missing song of the week last week. I had finals and the like so I didn’t have time to prepare the material. So to make up for the lack of posting, I will be posting a new Song of the Week everyday of this week (today being Sunday). Think of it as a Christmas present ^_^!

This “week” (Sunday I should say) we have a song that I have been listening to a lot lately, “Chocolate Disco” by Perfume. Honestly, I only recently started listening to Perfume and am actually currently watching some videos of them on Youtube. But here are my two cents.


First let me say that watching a live performance of this song was nearly pointless. As far as I know, it should be contradictory for Perfume to “perform live”, since they have to mod their mics or just play the song. That being said, the one live I watched was not readily discernable from the studio recorded version (at least to my ears). But then again, I suppose that live performances are for the joy of watching them perform and dance and just to look at them. I don’t really know the members yet since I’m still getting into them. But they have been getting popular lately and so I did give them a try. Now I’m addicted to “Chocolate Disco” (mind you, this is coming from a person who doesn’t eat chocolate). I will admit that the dance was kinda fun to watch and that the girls are pretty in their own ways (mmm…. legs ^.^).

“Chocolate Disco”, as far as I can explain is like a guilty pleasure song. Not sure what the lyrics are but with a song like this, who really cares. A great portion of the song is just “CHOCOLATE DISCO” (if you want to be really proper its sounded out in Japanese pronounciation of course. Much like many other Perfume songs it has a technopop sound. This one is just one of those listen to it and you wind up dancing like a fool kinda song. Trust me, I almost wound up doing that when listening to it alone in the room. It’s got an upbeat sound. The more I watch this live, the more I like that one girl, but I don’t know who she is yet. I should go find out who she is after I finish up.

Addictive song, like chocolate, go listen to it, while I find out more about this member who has me captivated ^_~.




One response

22 12 2008
Pikachu eat humans

Lol I thought it was impossible for them to do a live. I only watched a video of them spouting electronic voices and felt it was pointless. Oh well, song’s still nice, and I don’t care about lives anyway. 😛

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