Song of the Week 007 – let go

23 12 2008

Now for Tuesday we are going a bit out of my usual pop region. We’re going to go into some Japanese rap. Well, to be more exact it’s part pop and part rap. And when I think about such songs that would fit into the description, I think of m-flo! Today’s song is “let go” by m-flo loves YOSHIKA.


“let go” is definitely in the higher tier of my favorite songs from m-flo. It’s a beautiful ballad with YOSHIKA’s smooth vocals. The ballad is very beautiful to listen to. I’ve always thought that VERBAL has a very unique voice and a very unique way of rapping. This song is no different. I think his rap adds the punch to this song that really makes this song, otherwise it would just be that normal ballad we’ve all heard from elsewhere. I have to admit the PV for this song is somewhat pretty to watch but Taku’s invisible presence is somewhat creepy. Be sure to give this one a listen. If anything most people will end up liking one half of the song (I should say more like a third).

This is the first real ballad I had heard from the couple that m-flo has. For those who don’t know m-flo. m-flo is a rap duo composed of VERBAL (the enthusiastic MC) and Taku (the DJ). At one point they had a main vocalist (LISA) but that’s something you can look up. After LISA left, m-flo started collaborating with different artists for their singles. This was actually one of the first singles I had heard from m-flo (new school) that actually got my ears interested enough to start listening to them. I have at many times praised m-flo for their collaborations because they are of such high quality that it essentially introduces me to other artists. Though I don’t particularly like YOSHIKA, this is one of my more liked m-flo songs because of her beautiful presence.




One response

23 12 2008
So Pikachu eat you!

Ah, I love this song. I listen to it often, and it’s one of the few m-flo songs I enjoy. It’s a nice mix of rap and gentle singing, which isn’t very common.

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