Happy New Year

2 01 2009

Ok, I lied I didn’t make the posts that I promised. I had a rough time with somethings happening at home and going back to work and working the holidays.

But alas, tis a New year! And we can change all of that! I will honestly try to make a better effort. Hey, I’ve already done better than I usually do. I think this is my… 4th attempt at a blog? XD

So Happy New Year to everyone. The rest of this post is dedicated to anything I wanted to say about 2008 or just in general (because I may not recall if it really happened in 2008 XD).

Momusu had an ok year for me. Resonant Blue was excellent. I haven’t seen Cinderella yet but I can’t wait/can wait to see Gaki-san in it. Oh yeah, Gaki-san had a pb. That in itself is a huge plus ^_^

Though my favorite artist of all time is still Ayumi Hamasaki, I am growing less and less interested in her new material. Don’t worry Ayu, I still love you! My musical taste is just evolving and taking on different forms. I mean I started listening to the other half of H!P and Perfume and even started listening to POLYSICS this year! That being said, Ayu will always have a special place in my heart even if she isn’t on my iPod which is currently undergoing renovation as I attempt to organize… all of my music.

Perfume. I brushed them off at first. But wow, I just got really addicted to them during the latter half of December.

I am somewhat disappointed in the stagnation of H!P and the economy and everything around me. I understand it’s hard times. But I suppose what doesn’t kill you simply makes you… stranger 😛

Sakura is officially the most annoying anime character of 2008. That Sasori fight in the anime… are you serious? I don’t even want to repeat what made me so annoyed.

Election. Though I am barely politically active I can somewhat appreciate the change that Obama may represent (I use the word ‘may’ just in case). That being said, we’ll never know who was the best candidate. But I can certainly tell you that Sarah Palin, had she been announced side by side to Obama’s presidential run, would’ve definitely won in the 2008 most shocking news moment. I mean… that’s one of those wtf moments you don’t see every do.

So in general… 2008

  • I started listening to C-ute. Awesome. Maimi is hot. Airi <33. Erika was my first love. DJ Maimai is awesome.
  • I started listening to Perfume. Nocchi <33
  • I started listening to POLYSICS. Kayo! <33
  • High-King was awesome and I actually like the B-side more than the A-side.
  • Elder Club graduation, wth???
  • No Momusu at Kouhaku, wth???
  • Wonder Girls are hot… so hot
  • Kamen Rider is cool, 753 ftw
  • Sarah Palin… wth!? no offense, but that one came out of nowhere.
  • Brawl sucks, but I still play it anyway.
  • I want 1080p for 2009 :<
  • Why so serious?

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s have a great 2009!


edit: Oh and I started reading IW ^_^




One response

2 01 2009

“Kamen Rider is cool, 753 ftw”
NAGO-SAN 8D I want one of those 753 shirts he wore really badly, I think they actually do make them XD

(also, lol @ the banana XDD)

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