Song of the Week 008 – Macaroni

2 01 2009

I’m currently listening to “Macaroni” by Perfume, so I have chosen this song for #8 of my pseudo-review segment. I’ve recently gotten into Perfume so don’t be surprised this is actually the second Perfume song in such a short amount of time.


“Macaroni” by Perfume

What made me want to write up this song was an embarrassing thought. Though I can’t really read Japanese at all, I recognized some of the characters (Macaroni was written in katakana as “ma-ka-ro-ni”). But I listened to the song with disregards to the title. As far as I could hear, I thought the song was called “Ba Ka Ro Ni”. More than likely due to the computer effect and their voices slightly overlapping it somehow distorts the sound of the Ma and makes me think that they’re singing Ba. >< I should feel quite embarrassed… On a sidenote I want to see that I still haven’t found it in me to actually like A-chan. But I’m still a new fan so I still have time.

Actually this song is pretty cool. It’s a more laid back slower song compared to Perfume’s usual fare. As I have already mentioned I thought this song was called Ba Ka Ro Ni, which… I figured was “Baka roni”. Whatever “roni” meant to me is beyond me. Nevertheless, the electronic voices do not disappoint me and I’m still wowed by the original sound that Perfume has. I like this song and liked it even more after watching it live. It’s like their one ballad, that I can think of.

I’ll never think of macaroni the same again… from now on it must be bakaroni.




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