14sai no Haha

16 02 2009

Over the past 2 weeks in addition to school and the such, I was watching J-drama and neglecting my blog. Well… not that I already neglect my blog to begin with. So I randomly got ahold of 14sai no Haha and noticed that one of the supporting characters was Kitamura Kazuki. If anyone around is a fan of J-drama, Kitamura was the evil villian in the Densha Otoko DX special as well as the ongoingly awesome antagonist in akihabara@deep. I enjoyed those two dramas very much and decided I would watch 14sai for the hell of it to see what he would be like in it.

This is just a quick review, and there are spoilers if you read on. For the spoiler-less version just don’t click “read more”.


The story is about an average 14 year old who winds up pregnant and how she deals with the consequences of such. That’s the story in one sentence basically. There’s drama to be had with the whole “father” and actually “having” the baby. Obviously, for the sake of drama it’s not an 11 episode drama about abortion. It’s not really a spoiler about her decision to keep the baby, more like a sensible one. But how she makes her decisions and how she deals with it is the drama.

I enjoyed it. And I do have some nitpicks but it was enjoyable. It didn’t make me flood my room with tears like 1Litre did but it was really heartfelt. I liked most of the actor/resses and the music was excellent. I’m quite satisfied with watching the drama and felt the time I wasted instead of doing homework was well spent ^_^; If you haven’t watched it already and are interested in J-dramas about sad/controversial topics, then give this one a try. It really was quite good!

Now for the nitpicking stuff! Oh, I have to say first, I find it amusing that Endo-sensei is on that banner and not Shizuka, considering Shizuka has a much bigger role than Endo does.


Getting pregnant
The story is good as I’ve already said. However, I just have to say, even though I know this is a drama that isn’t necessarily aimed at older audiences, the way Miki got pregnant was just ridiculous. So they just did it after like a couple days of knowing each other? I couldn’t help but think how ridiculous that was. Yet at the same time I was entranced. That scene was very well done IMO, and remains as one of the strongest scenes in the entire drama. Personally, I have no problem believing that stuff like this happens all the time. I’m sure it happens all around the world. Just the other day I saw an article about a 13year old father/15year old mother. What a coincidence there.

The reason why I watch drama is so I can see drama unfold without me being in it. At least I think that might be the reason why. I can fully expect every episode to have a twist or non-happy ending. Yet I felt somewhat annoyed sometimes especially when it came to Shizuka’s actions (overdose… really?). It’s a drama but I guess I took it too seriously by the end.

The end of the drama is nice and all. I liked seeing Miki with more hair and trying to care for her daughter. But I think it would’ve been interesting to see a bit more aftermath. That would’ve given the drama more power and more meaning. It is a controversial subject so I presume presenting about it more would’ve helped. Then again, it’s a drama and it had to have a happy ending, so I’ll cut them some slack.


Shida Mirai did a WONDERFUL job as Miki. I was entranced with her from the very beginning (haha, I was comparing her to the H!P Kids at first). She had spunk and a lively attitude. Considering how many times they play the river scene I was very convinced by her playfulness. She had many “moment of truth” scenes and I believe she pulled them off very well. She’s quite young too (13 years old at the time). My favorite scenes with her by far were the treehouse scene in Episode 1 (possibly my favorite scene of all), running in the rain (as cliched as it may be), and most of the scenes she had with Kiri-chan. She’s pretty cute too ^_^

Mom and Dad Ichinose
I liked the two and knew ahead of time that Mom and Pops Ichinose were pretty much going to be like Mom and Pops Ikeuchi (for all who watched 1 Litre). That being said, Pops Ichinose wasn’t as unbelievably sappy like Pops Ikeuchi. The Ichinose parents reflected their emotions very well and it was interesting to see Gokusen’s head teacher be so sappy. I didn’t like them enough to give them the full name treatment XD

Kiri-chan this, Kiri-chan that. It was cute when Miki says Kiri-chan. This guy is really bland. In his portrayal of an empty puppet with no direction but the direction he’s being steered in, I guess he did a good job. I couldn’t help but feel bored by his scenes. He was either emo or just really bland. The only thing I liked was that he made Miki smile and that in itself deserves a mention.

ughhh…. She’s like a witch. She won’t shut up about the world out there and stuff. Then she goes and OD to “save her son” and ensure his future. How ridiculous. And what the hell happened to her company? This was filmed in 2006. Was Japan in the economic crisis it’s in today?? Shizuka is one of my least liked characters. Speaking of Shizuka, I just found out that my dear Shizuka-san (Koike Rina from Kamen Rider Kiva) was in this drama as a minor classmate. I might just rewatch the school scenes just to see her ^_^

Yea, Kitamura was awesome as an antagonist in the past two dramas I had seen him in. And go figure he’s an antagonist in this drama too. Albeit, he has a more subdued evil role, it is still evil nonetheless. I liked his character, he seemed to be very worldly and mysterious, always carrying around his messenger bag. He seemed like a lazy bum to me at first. Funny thing, one of my friends who watched part of the drama with me thought he looked homeless XD. I figured he was just going to be giving “invisible advice” to Mama Ichinose every episode as the developments break through. But I was excited to see that he had a more powerful role. I was also very satisfied with seeing his transformation to a “good character” near the end. Especially when he wrote the title of the drama, very powerful!

Minor Characters
Kenta was annoying. The only part I liked was when they did the hold hands together thing when Miki was going into labor. Endo-sensei was also annoying. She seemed so passive and blaise… Yanigisawa was also extremely annoying in her b!tchiness. Megu got annoying too. What’s with all these characters being annoying? Oh, I actually liked the doctor, Matoba-sensei, she was cool.


Music was wonderful. I was almost going to cry by listening to Hold on Me and My Wish over and over again when I got a hold of the soundtrack. Mr. Children’s song was also very powerful and I felt that it went great with the drama. Music is a really important element and I’m glad to say this drama passed it with flying colors.

The treehouse scene (lol, where did the candles come from?), the river scene, running out in the rain, hospital, getting knocked out in the middle of the street. All the really big scenes were very well done and really conveyed the feeling that was intended. The treehouse scene, while ridiculous, is the definitive moment for me. I fell in love with Miki in that scene and although I was disappointed that apparently in Japan you can get pregnant by hugging (yes, I know… they can’t show … that on TV), it was such an entrancing scene it sticks in my head. Oh, also another big favorite of mine was when she actually tells Kiri-chan. It had such a magical lovers feeling to it. For being single my entire life it was really fun watching that scene and getting into it.

I don’t know if I’m forgetting anything but oh well, if I am. All in all, it was a great drama. The soundtrack rivals 1 Litre in getting me emotional. Miki was cute (that equals a lot of points). It was a good story that had a good ending. The minor points here and there don’t outweigh the major points. If you felt like reading the spoilers go out and watch the drama now so you can comment on my nitpicks!




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18 02 2009
18 02 2009

I saw this drama over winter break and thought it was good. The actor who plays Kiri (which I forgot his name at the moment) did a lot better in Bloody Monday but I feel like this emotional drama set him up for any other drama he may appear in the future.

30 11 2009

I watched this drama too…well u kno cuz u recommended it to me. I liked it, although I had strong personal ideological clashes with some of the events…All in all..a good watch!

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