Song of the Week 010 – Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

19 02 2009

Well, I accidentally fell asleep and left my torrent on so my internet is going to get banned for a couple days. But that’s perfect, I suppose, considering I have exams and stuff to study for. This week, I thought long (roughly 10 minutes) and hard (I kept repeating the track before it would stop) about this week’s song. To celebrate the release of Buono! 2 this song of the week will be a song from there. To tell you the truth, I’m being really lazy and getting rid of my review for one of the tracks XD. This week’s song is Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! by Buono.



Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! by Buono! is relatively old. It came out last May before I even started getting into Buono. But it came out after Cafe Buono so that’s why this single is included in their new album. And you know what, it’s a really good song. The thing that really sets apart Buono! is the different sound they get from having producers and staff that aren’t deep-rooted in Hello! Project. I mean, listen to one album from Buono and listen to an album from the girls’ respective belonging group and you’ll see what I mean (unless you already know : P ). By the way, I love the look that Airi has here. It’s no secret that my favorite Buono! member is Airi and she has adorned my desktop wallpaper for the past three days now. Gosh, I love that hair… but I digress.

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! is a pop-rock song (read: rock). There’s some pop here and there but it really doesn’t feel like your average pop H!P song. I want to be brief, since I have a paper due tomorrow as well as a big exam for the weekend. I’ll sum up this song in one sentence.

That harmonica solo a bit after the half-mark of the song is awesome… so awesome… GO LISTEN TO IT NOW

Now if only Airi could play the harmonica that well, that’d be mad cool.

Don’t expect an entry from me for a while, since my personal internet will be banned under the stringent conditions that be. Oh and I have like a storm of 4 exams ToT. Good day everyone.




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