25 02 2009

Well, I woke up extremely early because of a nosebleed so I figured I had the time to write today. Lol… I wonder what caused the nosebleed, I’ve been around on H!O’s picboard recently. Actually found some nice pictures, that I decided to grab. Eyecandy!


One of the few pictures of Koharu that I like. Her hair is nice.

img20090224095236621 img20090224095325603 Airi_2ndPB_Clear_024

Maybe I had a nosebleed subconsciously because of Airi. She’s on my wallpaper too… XD

I was going to do a review of Buono!’s new album since I have been listening to it for the past couple of days. But I’ll hold off on that. There are many reviews I’d like to write honestly. But staying up for 27 hours straight really does something to you ^_^;

So for today I will do some rankings, I haven’t done those in a while. I’m not putting pictures in, because then the girls would get unequal treatment and we don’t want that.

Morning Musume (their latest single, Naichau Kamo)


9. Mitsui Aika
Wow, look who’s at the bottom. She made JunJun cry, that docks so many points. But lately I’ve seen them together a lot in concerts and photos and stuff. Either way she hasn’t really appealed to me. Her voice is so blah when she talks… it just goes off. Though she does sound old… older than Koharu and a couple others, guess that’s why I hear she’s called an old lady? Mittsi still has a long way to go, I mean… even Koharu beat her.

8. Kusumi Koharu
She used to be my least favorite member until Mittsi came and had no shining talent over here. I will admit that Koharu can look pretty sometimes but her personality scares me. That being said, her new album cover for Kirari also scares me. Koharu = kowai

7. LinLin
It’s nice to see her getting some lines and stretching her vocal cords in some of the more recent songs (particularly on Cover Yuu or whatever it was called). But this panda does not compare to the other panda in terms of fun. She kinda seems like she’s faking cute sometimes too.

6. Tanaka Reina
Stop winking

5. Michishige Sayumi
Ms. Narcissistic got cuter and more points after all the lines she had in Yowamushi. She had like almost half the song there. But her voice is improving a bit. That being said, did anyone notice that her voice kinda has a really strange echo in Naichau Kamo. It only happens when she sings her solo lines. It’s like there are cameras flashing in the background.

4. Kamei Eri
I’m surprised Kamei got this high. I think it’s because she’s awesome at tossing things behind her back. And she’s funny when she fails. No one can forget her knee popping XD

3. JunJun
go there now. JunJun just jumped up the ranks fast. And it’s not cause I’m Chinese and she’s Chinese. She’s just awesome.

2. Takahashi Ai
The sub-leader! Lol, I’m just kidding. I’ve liked Takahashi since her time in Minimoni and I still like her now. She’s really pretty, whether with long hair or short hair. Plus her voice is amazing.

1. Niigaki Risa
I fell in love with her when she was in middle school (Bakajo). She’s pretty, her voice is unique but still nice to listen to. Plus she now has seniority and tenure! I want to go to Chan-pon-chan with her XD

0. Suzuki Airi

If she were in Morning Musume… she deserves an honorable mention because she can compete with my love of Gaki-san. Plus she probably gave me that nosebleed. In both nostrils too, dang… Airicandy ftw





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26 02 2009
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26 02 2009

I think they added the extra distortion to Sayumi’s voice to mask the weaknesses in it 😦 Ah well. If that’s what it takes for her to pick up some lines, I’m not complaining.

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