26 02 2009

On my daily runs of intlwota today, I run into the news that Arihara Kanna is out of commision. At first as I read it, I thought Kanna had some horrible scandal that just broke her membership in a day. She was in a scandal-ish kind thing in the summer, if we all remember. But as I read on it was about bunions. I vaguely knew what this was about but for times like these, Wikipedia is your friend ^_^. For a normal person, just stopping and “treating” it would be fine. But considering this is an idol we are talking about, I have no problem believing that they get next to no sleep/rest from their busy schedules. Did you know that some of the girls do radio shows? It sure didn’t occur to me what kind of schedule they had until watching Mechaike’s field trip special with Momusu way back when.


So you know what. This post was gonna be a big deal about Kanna and everything. But I have an exam to study for and I personally don’t like Kanna enough that I could have an instant flood of ideas.


Arihara Kanna for me… I don’t really like her. It’s no secret that I AI Airi, totally. I occasionally looking for her pictures and “blamed” her for my recent nosebleed. But Kanna for my entire fandom of C-ute has barely stuck out to me. Before I knew everyone I had to refer to them with nicknames, so Kanna was lesbian. Might I add that she seems to be a big fan of Airi.

img20090224094839672  img20090219132312569

Her loss makes the 7 member group down to 6 (which means Berryz has the powerplay now). I always considered Kanna as Erika’s partner (they are almost always opposite each other in formation, well at least in recent singles. 


I will say this. We should wish her the best and speedy recovery. I take for granted that the idols are there and entertaining, when of course they are human like us. They get sick, lovesick, moody and so on. Even though, Kanna is my 2nd least liked member, I bear no grudge against her. So Kanna, get better soon, I hope to see you soon so you can dazzle me and make me a fan of you because Airi is doing too much of that.

On an unrelated note, is it me or Chisato is growing her hair long and that totally makes her look…. different? She kinda looks like one girl I know. I totally can’t identify with her long hair. Erika’s hair is amazing though. Points for anyone who gets the reference in the title of this post.


Airi approves this post.





One response

13 08 2009

Quite mean. But that’s your opinion.

I just hope Chisato doesn’t go. Because they are now a 5 member group.

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