Current Events (3-9-2009)

10 03 2009

On top of a final draft proposal due tomorrow in 8 hours, forgetting one of my best friend’s birthday by more than 24 hours, and a bunch of other stuff, I could not resist in just writing a short post.

So most probably know by now about Kago’s recent scandal. I’m pretty surprised to hear about it myself. But, as I mentioned today to someone, Kago isn’t what she used to be. Our idols outgrow their childhood. Kago seemed to be having severe problems and it wasn’t likely that she’d be an angel immediately. I mean look at what goes on in the American celebrity world. It can happen and I guess in a matter of time we’ll see what the results are in this scandal.

Boy Kago… way to go. On a related note, I went through 6+ pages of H!O picboard and… wow Maimi… I can’t believe I’m blocking her hotness with excel spreadsheets for my paper T_T

img20090222072428923 img20090308123202889

Wow her hair is crazy. I like hair… a lot. Why is Maimi so hot…???

Oh, and for drama fans. It took me 2 years (maybe even more) but I finally finished watching Gokusen! Now I just have to watch the two other series… And I’m currently watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji. I really like it. I’ll write more about it later on when I don’t have a paper due in 8 hours XD

~Siggy, who is trying to resist Maimi’s hotness~




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