[REVIEW] Morning Musume – Platinum 9 Disc

22 03 2009

Whoot! New Momusu album! ^.^
For a while I actually forgot that Cover You was technically not a REAL Momusu album. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Cover You, but now we’re off to serious business, Momusu’s 9th major album.

In short, I liked this. I liked most of the singles. And I liked most of the album songs. Read on for details.

The thing that strikes me about this album is how much of a non-Momusu vibe I got from most of the songs. Granted, the singles I’ve already heard, so I except them. But most of the album songs almost sound alien to H!P world. In fact, I wouldn’t even believe these songs were sung by Morning Musume had I not recognized the voices.

The cover of the album didn’t really stick with me so I made no effort to put it on this review. Instead you get a random picture of Gaki-san.


Admittedly I like this song a lot. It is definitely out of Momusu realm for me. It has more of a modern music feel rather than the regular pop feel Morning Musume is known for. I’d say this kind of music is very close in style to Resonant Blue and I liked RB so I’m not complaining. Takahashi’s voice gargles are cool. I’m happy to hear LinLin’s voice loud and clear too! A very nice opening for the album. Though, I liked Genki+ more. Funny, there hasn’t been that much of a change since the last album. Two people were taken out and two people were added in. It cancels out XD.

~7 out of 10 SONGS I actually knew the titles for before listening to this album~

2. Resonant Blue
I already like the song. It has a very cool modern music (I really don’t know what to call it XD) feel. The only real problem is that this song is like 90% Takareisumi. I love their outfits and look for it. This was a great single, IMO. And the dance… love it. I especially like their spiral dance move, very cool.

~9 out of 10 shades of black that resonate~

3. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou
God, I can never remember the title of this song. I got two of my Chinese friends interested in Momusu simply because the Pandas get their own Mandarin solo in this song. That being said, I liked the song when I first heard it in Wonderful Hearts 2008 Summer. It was a great chorus song and I feel like it’ll be the next big Furusato. But the album version is a slightly upbeat version. Well, upbeat as in the music is more noticeable. I can understand that since this is an album version. I forgot what the version in Resonant Live sounded like but this is Momusu’s version of it and I respect that. The only thing that pisses me off is that the music is so upbeat and loud that it starts drowning out the Panda solo (particularly for JunJun). So points off for that. On a related note, it took me roughly the length of the song to write this entire segment.

~7 out of 10, I’m not even going to bother making a witty statement for this~

4. Take off is now~
Here we go another “cool” song, that I swear does not belong to Morning Musume. Since when does Momusu shake shake, keep it moving and all that stuff. But the song is groovy, I suppose they wanted most of the songs to be dancy for a Disco-ish theme. I like how Takahashi says “Mainichi Sexy” ^_~. The chorus music is quite catchy. I’m pretty sure it’s Takahashi providing that backup vocal (that’s hard to clearly hear) near the end which I thought was a nice touch. Either way her voice has always been one of my favorites. I guess the last like 20 seconds are for a dance break? Or maybe it’s like Renai Revolution’s ending dance move XD

~7 out of 10 Take offs that might be successful for Momusu (the 10th is Koharu trying again because she will fail no matter what)~

5. Naichau Kamo
Dancy-ish tune that is about crying and stuff. I like their costumes, I like the song. I don’t know if I like watching the girls cry. And I’m still curious as to why Sayumi’s voice is distorted on her solo lines.

~7 out of 10 tears that can be clearly seen on Takahashi’s close-ups in the PV (just kidding, I can’t come up with any witty statements ToT)~

6. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito
I will honestly admit that I was pissed off at this song when I figured out this was a Mittsi solo. I don’t really like her that much… yes I know I’m very biased. The opening of the song kinda reminds me of Kioku no Meiro actually, it’s got the eurodance feel to it, which is again something I don’t expect from Momusu. Mittsi almost sounds like Gaki-san in this song. Just almost… I can’t say this song really sticks out to me though.

~4 out of 10 just because I don’t like Mittsi (don’t kill me Mittsi fans!)~

7. Guruguru Jump
Now this is more like Momusu. Something goofy and out there. That definitely has Koharu written all over it. As far as I know, I’m pretty sure the Pandas are the other vocal forces in the song. LinLin seems to be getting more vocal presence these days. Good, cause Koharu’s voice scares me. That picture of her recent new album with those gloves was scary. On an unrelated note, I think this song makes me a good song for Bomberman. Pretty energetic and it kinda reminds me of Bomberman. The song isn’t too bad but not AAA material.

~6 out of 10 jumps attempted by Koharu will be Guruguru jumps that will scare even a lion~

8. Mikan
Here we are a single song. I like this song a lot. It’s very uplifting and gives a much better line distribution than RB did. I’ve always wanted to ask this… is the dance so hard that it seems that the girls start going out of sync or is the craziness intentional? I like this song. I’ll give it points for little kid pictures too. Plus, I liked Takahashi’s short hair.

~9 out of 10 dancers in this song are out of sync at one point or another~

9. Jounetsu no Kiss wo Hitotsu
I’d say this is my favorite album song of the bunch. Lots of Gaki-san vocals in here! ❤ I actually notice Reina’s voice in this song, which is amazing… usually her voice just gets drowned out as a “voice” for me in other songs. Takahashi has a lovely voice as always but it sounds like she takes a backseat for Gaki-san and Reina. The song is cool though. The music is nice ^_^. This time I’m very sure those are Takahashi’s backing vocals, they were probably recycled for/from Take off is now! Actually it’s nice to hear the girls backing vocal and chorus instead of Tsunku’s creepy grunts. I recently became “aware” of them again after listening to C-ute nonstop.

~9 out of 10, yea that’s how much I love Gaki-san <3~

10. It’s You
Wow… I can’t take that opening seriously. Sayumi vocals… uhhhhhh. This song is definitely just to please the big Sayumi fans. And listen! Takahashi is backing up on the chorus! I’m very sure of this. Wow, Takahashi’s vocals saved this song. Check it out!

~3 out of 10, Sayumi’s vocals alone would’ve made this a 2~

11. Onna ni Sachi Are
I like this song a lot. The music is awesome. It’s the Panda’s debut single, it has Peace written all over it. It’s just not as happy as Peace and therefore loses points. But the song is awesome, I love the chorus. I want to hear this song with the new and improved Pandanese!

~9 out of 10, times that I myself will sing along with the Pandas during this song~

12. Kataomoi no Owari ni
I don’t notice this song at all. Who sings in it? This is probably the second time I’m listening to this. I hear Kamei. The song is kinda boring… I can’t find myself to like the song. Though I am glad to hear that Kamei has a solo song to herself.

~5 out of 10, cause I tried to like it~

13. Kanashimi Twilight
I find it funny that this song TOTALLY does not fit in this album. Wow it sounds so weird to hear Fujimoto after hearing Pandas for so long… The song is more on the rock side of pop. No problem, it’s a nice song. It’s got leader Yossie. It’s got that one awkward line delivered by Mittsi. It has Fujimoto… What’s more to want? Takahashi’s hair for this was scary by the way. But this is a good way to end the album, very powerful closing song. Then again I’m not sure if its the right thing to do… close the album with a reminder of an era that’s been gone for a while. Why is Morning Musume always so desperate to play on their roots for fans?

~7 out of 10, members that are currently present in the current line-up were also present in the song (ignore the 10, we’ll just say the 10th member was Takahashi’s man voice)~

Overall, a pretty good album. I liked most of the songs and only 3 songs were in my negative pile. I liked that the album showed some diversity in music. It looks like Momusu is experimenting, maybe they’re trying to break out of their image and evolve again. God forbid their next song will be Perfume-ized.

~7 out of 10, twas good. I just kinda forget those songs that I don’t like even exist~





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