An Observation about The Legend of Zelda

10 04 2009

I’m a video gamer. My allegiance is mainly to Nintendo, it’s mainly the console I play and also mainly the company that I look forward to. That being said some thoughts occurred to me recently pertaining The Legend of Zelda.

Spirit Tracks, or whatever it’s called
Really?? Let’s exclude the possibility that this game will be awesome. A train??? How did that happen? I wasn’t quite fully aware that Hyrule or wherever Link is (maybe he’s in medieval Britain looking for Sonic with his sword) was in the industrial age. While I guess there have been rail tracks for trolleys in other games, I’ve never seen any indication for such a technology in Zelda. Maybe, I’m not thinking hard enough…

Also, has anyone noticed (correct me if I’m wrong) that apparently Link can understand English. If every version of Ocarina of Time uses the original voices, it’s very clear that Navi uses English words. She says, “Listen”, “Look!”, “Watch out!”. Assuming Link understands this, this must mean that Link can understand English or Engrish.

That’s a real breakthrough in my understanding of LOZ…




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