Thinking of Ayumi

12 04 2009

Hamasaki Ayumi. The J-pop queen of the world.

I am at heart a big fan of Ayumi Hamasaki. In fact, I regard listening to Ayu as the biggest turning point in my musical preferences. But there’s that saying, all good things must come to an end.

Admittedly, I’m not into her more recent releases. This is particularly the case with the last 2 albums, Next Level and Guilty. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve grown out of it? Or her evolution (haha) has reached the point where it is beyond my musical tastes.

I am mostly a fan of pop music. By pop, I don’t mean popular (though in a way I do listen to most of the really popular acts, Ayu of course being the one in scrutiny here). I mean pop music. I don’t really know how to classify it but I’ve found that it’s just usually feel good music, ballads, and in general music that doesn’t OBVIOUSLY fit into other genres. For example, rock music is clearly rock, but Lite rock you could say verges into pop music. Rap is obviously rap, but it can have some pop overtones that make it blend in with a sound that you’d expect from pop music. Metal … yea, well that’s always metal unless it’s 2 separate songs fused into one. You get the point.

That being said, I was mainly attracted to listening to Ayu’s pop (and in a way pop-rock) music during her I am… era. Her music was uplifting and in a way listening to her music didn’t feel the same with other songs. I felt like listening to her music sparked something in me.

So what happened? I got into other artists and I’ve taken a broader taste of music. I now enjoy listening to K-pop, J-rap, and some J-rock. I’m a fan of the huge idol factory, Hello! Project. I listen to Perfume with their electropop gimmick. And so on. Her newer releases… I could say it started around the time of My Story. It got more of a rock edge that didn’t excite me as much.

I want to convince myself that I still love Ayu. I just love an Ayu that is at this point older and releasing different things. Yea… that’s it.

I just had to get that off my chest. I have tried my best to avoid listening to Next Level, until I’m ready. I still think of Ayu as my love and my favorite singer. The only problem is that the time period I loved her is long gone. So it’s like… dwelling on the past.

*sigh* why did I write this again?




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