Updates (5-8)

8 05 2009

So, yes I’m still alive.

It’s finals season, so I’m making an active effort in trying to lower my procrastination (it’s not really working XD). I’ve already killed my internet so I can’t use internet leisurely. Then again, I have lots of things to occupy my time.

Recently, I’ve been playing Naruto: Rise of Ninja on the 360. It’s surprisingly fun, especially for being made by a European company. I like trying to fight Konoha ninja and getting completely destroyed (cause that would make sense in the anime, unless we’re talking Sakura). Sakura is really… really strong for some odd reason…

I’m happy to see my Airicandy post get some comments (keep em coming!) and I may do another yo-yo candy post sometime with other girls other than Airi. The yo-yo’s I presented were like half my collection XD.

Has everyone heard!? Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver! Wow, I can’t wait. Too bad I have to… I hope there will be some nifty updates to the game engine. Excited… exciting… oh and in other news I still want to go see Momusu in LA. But there’s no way I could over go there. Is there any community like card/book or anything going on??

~Siggy, dying from finals~