The Apples

29 06 2009

Right before writing this I read about Apple’s shortages on their phone. And now I’m listening to the ridiculous “Tell Me” performance from Wonder Girls opening for the Jonas Brothers… from the first performance in Portland, Oregon.

I cannot believe they are opening for the Jonas Brothers… Seriously? I guess, that’s the best JYP can do. Then again, I guess for argument’s sake there’s no real way to just enter into the American music scene. I will applaud WG for trying their best in doing this. While they’re gone, they’re losing valuable ground that’s being eaten by SNSD and other acts. But I’m sure they’ll make another bit hit when they’re back in Korea.

I have no idea who the Jonas Brothers really are, I just happened to see them in recent years on the Disney Channel. And you know those kids, they are crazy about their Hannah Montanna and Jonas Brothers and all.

Back to WG

– Tell Me

Wow, they sound kinda funny… I can barely hear them though, so it’s hard to judge their English. I think it’s funny that they’re actually singing the stuttering Tell Me lines. So Yoo Bin got the solo dance?? Well Yoo Bin is hotter than So Hee anyway. Tell me this isn’t real… Wow, my impression of them is like they’re some amateur high school talent show…

– Nobody

Hard to hear the English in this fancam. LOL, I wonder how girls feel about WG taking up the stage… Actually sounds like there is a fair amount of people screaming occasionally, but it’s probably all the wonderfuls. It’s nice that they’re turning around to face each part of the crowd. Wonder Girls are too sexy for Jonas Brothers…. Too much screaming by that fangirl. They have much better sounding English than I expected. lmao, “Are you guys ready for the Jonas Brothers?” all of a sudden the crowd goes wild. Well, it was kinda nice to hear the Wonder Girls open for JB.

In other news, Michael Jackson, 50, died the other day. Rest in peace, Michael. Though I’m not that familiar with your music, I do find some of it nice. I’m not as into my “shell” as some people may think I am, any good music is good music to me. No doubt, you are one of the greatest. I imagine I’ll hear more of your music in the coming years. Especially since there will probably be upcoming tributes performing in Atlantic City, someday.

With that being said, I end this post by saying:

Nocchi is hot. Why did I think of her so many times today when I was bored at work? Because she’s hot… I can’t wait for TRIANGLE! ^___^

~Siggy, watching BudokAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAn, for like the 50th time~


Justice League pt1

20 06 2009

So I’ve been awfully lazy with my blog lately because of my job and watching things. I’ve been watching dramas and stuff and that makes me awful lazy about writing things.

So what have I to write about today. Justice League! I grew up watching the old Batman and Superman animated series. I enjoyed em actually. I especially liked the old Superman series which I consider to be the foundation for the DC animated universe. Mostly because Superman teamed up and established a lot of the other DC superheroes in that particular universe.

So, I remember actually being excited about Justice League when it was coming out during my freshmen year back in High School. For those who don’t know anything about it, the Justice League cartoon was a superhero cartoon which teamed up Superman with Batman (as usual) to fight an alien menace which led them to team up with Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Hawkgirl. I think I can assume some episodes were greatly inspired by comic book counterparts. I apologize to comic fans out there if I make the wrong references or use the wrong names for any DC things.

WARNING: Some spoilers ahead. Not too many, but some.

– Season 1

Season 1 comprised of the JLers banding together to fight the white martians. The typical formula was that not all JLers would be present in certain story arcs that were focused on one or more JLers. Aquaman, the Manhunters, Green Lantern Corps, Mongul, Grodd, among others. Some highlights:

  • JL Aquaman isn’t like the pansy orange corny one. But I like orange… but JL Aquaman was actually pretty cool and the story was quite mature, not what you’d expect from a normal cartoon.
  • Why the hell is Superman soooo weak? For that matter why does he look SOOO old???
  • The Injustice league was a cool team-up and it would’ve worked too had it not been for cable TV.
  • The season finale, The Savage Time, was actually quite good. I really enjoyed it. It shows off Green Lantern’s ability to be a hero without his ring. And we all know it’s good to see heroes without their power.

– Season 2

Season 2 had some improved animation in the form of some brighter colors. They finally fixed Superman’s “aging syndrome” and returned him to his established look. Almost all of the episodes were whole 1 hour episodes, so you could just watch them straight throughout.

  • AMAZO is mad strong as hell
  • Darkseid’s omega eye beams were much cooler when they arced in straight lines and not curves…
  • Doctor Destiny was a nice Batman ep, it really shows that Batman can save the day without using powers.
  • Savage twice! One of my favorite JL episodes is “Hereafter”, where Superman meets the future Savage after everyone died, one of the best episodes ever just because of Savage’s dialogue.
  • Secret Society… shouldn’t JL be worried about the fight being at a football stadium with thousands of innocent people around them. Anyone one of them could’ve been taken hostage. Huge oversight on their part, I think.
  • Flash had his big break in “Eclipsed” where he actually ran fast for once. For someone who claims to be the World’s Fastest Man, he really doesn’t run that fast at all…not till at least another episode.
  • “A Better World”, another great episode which played on the heroes having too much power dynamic. Plus it was a great setup for possibly the most ambitious storyline of the DCAU.
  • “Starcrossed” was a great ending. The producers really didn’t hold back and went for a quality story and ending. Funny, I think Batman disguised himself as Alfred when he was infiltrating the Hawk base. I also liked the subtle touches throughout Season 2 that made much of the finale possible.
  • Green Lantern and Hawkgirl were actually kind of cute together.

Well that was the original Justice League. Way later on, the producers made Justice League Unlimited which featured a LOT of superheroes… I thought it was gonna be bad and just a bunch of random filler episodes, you know like the old SuperFriends. But they actually pulled through and had a great underlying story. More on that next time (while I finish the rest of Season 5)

~Siggy, who is watching Takahashi’s new PB making of instead of JL ^_~

Dead or Alive

8 06 2009

I’m alive!!!

Just working and getting used to being home again.

In other news, apparently David Carradine died in some weird kooky way. I swear, WordPress homepage always has the oddest highlight that makes me not want to blog…

Oh and scans for Takahashi and Maimi’s new PB need to come out now… faster, like before this post is even up!

I’ve been watching a lot of drama lately. Gokusen2, Gokusen3, Seigi no Mikata, Dance Drill, Atashinchi no Danshi.

I’ll find something to write about sometime.