The Apples

29 06 2009

Right before writing this I read about Apple’s shortages on their phone. And now I’m listening to the ridiculous “Tell Me” performance from Wonder Girls opening for the Jonas Brothers… from the first performance in Portland, Oregon.

I cannot believe they are opening for the Jonas Brothers… Seriously? I guess, that’s the best JYP can do. Then again, I guess for argument’s sake there’s no real way to just enter into the American music scene. I will applaud WG for trying their best in doing this. While they’re gone, they’re losing valuable ground that’s being eaten by SNSD and other acts. But I’m sure they’ll make another bit hit when they’re back in Korea.

I have no idea who the Jonas Brothers really are, I just happened to see them in recent years on the Disney Channel. And you know those kids, they are crazy about their Hannah Montanna and Jonas Brothers and all.

Back to WG

– Tell Me

Wow, they sound kinda funny… I can barely hear them though, so it’s hard to judge their English. I think it’s funny that they’re actually singing the stuttering Tell Me lines. So Yoo Bin got the solo dance?? Well Yoo Bin is hotter than So Hee anyway. Tell me this isn’t real… Wow, my impression of them is like they’re some amateur high school talent show…

– Nobody

Hard to hear the English in this fancam. LOL, I wonder how girls feel about WG taking up the stage… Actually sounds like there is a fair amount of people screaming occasionally, but it’s probably all the wonderfuls. It’s nice that they’re turning around to face each part of the crowd. Wonder Girls are too sexy for Jonas Brothers…. Too much screaming by that fangirl. They have much better sounding English than I expected. lmao, “Are you guys ready for the Jonas Brothers?” all of a sudden the crowd goes wild. Well, it was kinda nice to hear the Wonder Girls open for JB.

In other news, Michael Jackson, 50, died the other day. Rest in peace, Michael. Though I’m not that familiar with your music, I do find some of it nice. I’m not as into my “shell” as some people may think I am, any good music is good music to me. No doubt, you are one of the greatest. I imagine I’ll hear more of your music in the coming years. Especially since there will probably be upcoming tributes performing in Atlantic City, someday.

With that being said, I end this post by saying:

Nocchi is hot. Why did I think of her so many times today when I was bored at work? Because she’s hot… I can’t wait for TRIANGLE! ^___^

~Siggy, watching BudokAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAn, for like the 50th time~




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31 12 2009
2009 Year in Review « Conflict Productions

[…] is an excellent song and I cannot deny that. Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls were sitting around doing nothing. Who would ever guess they’d end up touring America as an opening act to the Jonas Brothers. […]

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