Kenya believe Kanna is gone?

11 07 2009

Where can you see lions (and tigers)? Only in Kenya…


Where can you see Kanna? Probably not in Kenya, but certainly not in Hello! Project. And for that we must dedicate  a moment of silence for her. -SILENCE-


Incidentally, this kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson (kind of being a VERY far resemblance). So let’s also have a moment for the King of Pop. Although that’s extremely old news and overplayed at this point.

Per an official news release from H!P, Kanna has left Hello! Project as of the 9th of July, which is only a couple days ago. So back in February she was taken out and now it’s July. And now she’s taken out for real. Well, my previous stand still stands. I never really noticed too much abouta Kanna with the exception of the whole lesbian thing. But I will say that it’s sad to see a girl go in Hello! Project. Supposedly, the higher-ups had some play in this, there might have been some scandal?, and it’s not really fully her choice to going back to the regular life of Jane Doe.

Well, now C-ute is a 6 member unit. And now my ranking is a little bit easier. If either Airi, Maimi, or MaiMai get kicked out, I’m gonna be very mad… VERY mad… cause Airi is the best, Maimi is hot, and MaiMai is getting hot.

~Siggy, who will go and rewatch some old C-ute stuff when he gets time~



9 07 2009

So I finally stopped being lazy and went looking for my microSD card adaptor/adapter. Spent like 2 hours organizing stuff (I wound up deleting 75% of the ringtones I had previously done ages ago) and then cutting songs for new ringtones!

A lot of the ringtones I make are based on what I think would sound cool for a ringtone or if its quirky. There’s a pretty good variety of artists featured in the ringtones I’ve done. I love little audio bites! You know like in commercials for albums and stuff, TV-Size stuff… those short snippets are what highlight the song. Like a really good movie trailer for a really bad movie!

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2 07 2009

Ugh, I’m so jealous that I can’t be in LA for this…

Whilst watching Strong Machine 2 dancing, I think to myself I should write my reactions to the news and everything surrouding the fact that MOMUSU IS NOW IN AMERICA! This very moment! They landed sometime yesterday and I realize I won’t be around for the real-time access tomorrow due to work.

There have been already videos and pictures of Momusu arriving. Upon seeing some of them, I have to admit I am a bit amused by the non-Japanese accented Japanese XD. Someone said, Aichan, as if they were saying Chan like Jackie Chan, which is clearly not the proper way. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have perfect pronounciation of Japanese. It really shows how excited the fans are.

I know if I were there, I’d go totally fangirl and probably yell out incomprehensible things. So apparently I think there’s a concert for today… let’s hope someone gets some underground recordings. I can’t wait to hear more! And see some autographed goods!