2 07 2009

Ugh, I’m so jealous that I can’t be in LA for this…

Whilst watching Strong Machine 2 dancing, I think to myself I should write my reactions to the news and everything surrouding the fact that MOMUSU IS NOW IN AMERICA! This very moment! They landed sometime yesterday and I realize I won’t be around for the real-time access tomorrow due to work.

There have been already videos and pictures of Momusu arriving. Upon seeing some of them, I have to admit I am a bit amused by the non-Japanese accented Japanese XD. Someone said, Aichan, as if they were saying Chan like Jackie Chan, which is clearly not the proper way. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have perfect pronounciation of Japanese. It really shows how excited the fans are.

I know if I were there, I’d go totally fangirl and probably yell out incomprehensible things. So apparently I think there’s a concert for today… let’s hope someone gets some underground recordings. I can’t wait to hear more! And see some autographed goods!





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