9 07 2009

So I finally stopped being lazy and went looking for my microSD card adaptor/adapter. Spent like 2 hours organizing stuff (I wound up deleting 75% of the ringtones I had previously done ages ago) and then cutting songs for new ringtones!

A lot of the ringtones I make are based on what I think would sound cool for a ringtone or if its quirky. There’s a pretty good variety of artists featured in the ringtones I’ve done. I love little audio bites! You know like in commercials for albums and stuff, TV-Size stuff… those short snippets are what highlight the song. Like a really good movie trailer for a really bad movie!

Here are a couple samples. Since I felt too lazy to figure out a way to embed audio into my blog I just went and (more work) made some impromptu youtube videos for the ringtones. The compilations contain the complete clips I cut. Most of them are WAY beyond the time it would take for an answering machine to start, but I made it that way so I could enjoy the whole clip and therefore ignore some calls ^_~

As a treat to all the Perfume fans out there here’s my current collection of Perfume snippets:

Mind you, I got lazy tagging them so some inconsistencies come up. But there’s a pretty good selection and I’ve been meaning to go cut some other parts from other songs, especially Macaroni! Enjoy! There are 23 snippets packed into the zip file you can get from the sendspace link.


It includes:

  • Butterfly
  • Chocolate Disco
  • Dream Fighter
  • edge (Triangle Mix)
  • Electro World
  • GAME
  • love the world
  • One Room Disco
  • Polyrhythm
  • Puppy Love
  • Secret Secret
  • Sweet Doughnuts
  • Take me Take me
  • The best thing
  • Zero Gravity

(In retrospect I apologize for mislabelling the edge snippets as I was doing it in a hurry when it was getting late and you know what no sleep means… >.<)

~Siggy, who loves custom ringtones ^.^~




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