30 08 2009

This past Wednesday I was over at my friend’s place for a mini-vacation. While I was there I got the opportunity to go to the Mitsuwa Japanese marketplace in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Now you may be thinking this sounds suspiciously like something I’d write in a real blog. Well, it certainly does, but there’s one part of the trip that pertains to my hobbies/entertainment interests. Read the rest of this entry »


The Karaoke Effect

25 08 2009

The other night I went to Duet48 (which makes me think AKB48??). For people who don’t know, it’s a karaoke place in New York City, somewhere… At any rate, I went with a housemate of mine and our circle of friends.

Given my taste in music, I have virtually no reason to pick any English songs. But alas, since I cannot read Japanese reliably (and quickly) I am stuck having to sing songs that I just know. Unfortunately, after hearing SO many songs, I don’t know any. It doesn’t help that I can’t really sing well either XD.

But being in that Karaoke room, for just a moment made me wonder what it was like at Hello! Party. On the couple of times I got to pick a song, I picked songs that I would want to sing or at least attempt.

I picked:

  • Perfume – Dream Fighter

I REALLY like the chorus and KSYK’s solo part in the song. But really… I don’t know the rest of the song after that XD. It was just mumbling and trying to go by what I remember, oh and watching the PV cause they actually had it on screen with the karaoke lyrics. But I just wanted a chance to sing that awesome chorus.


I will admit, while I usually don’t like rap music and other urban things, I have warmed up to it over the years because of m-flo and his unique approach. That being said, I am biased to liking Teriyaki Boyz because VERBAL from m-flo is in it. I was just gonna sing the song because 75% of the lyrics are in English. But it was a surprising hit among my friends. The room was just full of us yelling: “Work that!” (no lie, almost 75% of the song is simply those 2 words). That actually makes me have a lot more appreciation for the song. I only really listened to the song because, Hiroyuki Suzuki, one of my favorite 1A yo-yoers used it for his freestyle music. But, now I can really appreciate the song. Go listen to it!

  • Caramell – Caramelldansen Speedycake Remix

I’m actually surprised this was in their book… But I couldn’t resist. Doing the Caramelldansen dance and singing … Swedish is it? lyrics is instant fun. It’s quite a good song actually, very addictive.

At any rate, I’m surprised at the effect karaoke has on a song. At first, I was aghast that the instrumentals were MIDI-sounding and all (I suppose because of licensing and the like). But karaoke is fun. It’d probably be better if I could actually sing songs, I memorized. Or better yet, read… -_-; But who cares, when you can just mumble like Scooby Doo, when you can’t read the lyrics fast enough.

~Siggy, who has an excellent Scooby Doo impression~

NO!!! ERIKA!!!

3 08 2009

So this news was brought to my attention in an extremely anticlimactic way. First I noticed that the subject of the night at wotachat was Erika, when I was scrolling by what I missed during the night. I ignored that, and then noticed much later what it was really about, thanks to the Wotachat subject line.

For those who don’t already know? And who doesn’t? Our lovely Umeda Erika has been slated for graduation from C-ute and officially all of Hello! Project on the last day of their concert tour for this coming fall, October 25th.


Ch’yea, I’m out of the crazy Tsunku farm Read the rest of this entry »