NO!!! ERIKA!!!

3 08 2009

So this news was brought to my attention in an extremely anticlimactic way. First I noticed that the subject of the night at wotachat was Erika, when I was scrolling by what I missed during the night. I ignored that, and then noticed much later what it was really about, thanks to the Wotachat subject line.

For those who don’t already know? And who doesn’t? Our lovely Umeda Erika has been slated for graduation from C-ute and officially all of Hello! Project on the last day of their concert tour for this coming fall, October 25th.


Ch’yea, I’m out of the crazy Tsunku farm

By the way, I love that picture there. She’s looking really awesome and I love the one sided ponytail <3.

So, first Megumi, before I even got into C-ute. Then Kanna, who I really didn’t care too much about. Had it not been for the whole lesbian thing I would not have really known about Kanna until I actually bothered to really get into C-ute, which still has yet to happen, since I kinda still neglect Chisato and Saki. But now, Erika!?

First a quick history of my rankings of C-ute:


(Yes, I know Kanna isn’t in this pic, but Maimai is, so I’m happy)

  • I first noticed Maasa, Yurina, or Erika at some concerts cause of their height.
  • I really thought Erika looked kinda ugly in her first appearance back in the H!P All Stars PV. But in retrospect it was one of those awkward phases, as she has since blossomed.
  • I noticed Maimai because she’s super young and apparently I always notice the super young ones first XD
  • Erika becomes my #1 in C-ute, due to her underdog status, height, and the fact that I know no one.
  • Airi becomes a favorite.
  • Maimi was hot a long time ago, it just took me that long to notice.
  • Airi becomes official #1 for me in C-ute, followed by Maimi cause she’s hot.
  • Maimai becomes my #3
  • Which leaves Erika as my #4

Erika was like the underdog for me because she was the oldest one, yet not leader. She’s tall, I like that, and in that sense is somewhat reminiscent of a certain tall member of another H!P group. I like tall girls, I really do, that’s why Maimi overtook Erika in my rankings later on.


One of the few advantages Erika has over Maimi: height ^_^

But Erika had that used towel and tension thing going, which to this day, I still haven’t quite gotten. She’s quirky and I like that. But I have to say that she was hard to notice unless you were just looking at the big picture. She did put a lot of effort though. Being tall is hard, especially if you tower a good half your group. Like now when I watch Iida perform, wow, she looks so strange on stage with the rest of Momusu.

So for the timebeing, we should appreciate Erika’s onstage presence until her inevitable graduation. I wonder if she’s getting a real send-off. Did Megumi get a send-off, cause I don’t really know what happened. I appreciate Erika still, even though she’s not my favorite anymore. And I’ll continue to support her. I hope everyone else will too. She’s apparently going to be studying to become a fashion model, so whoot can’t wait to see her again on the catwalk. Erika has always reminded me of Erika Sawajiri ever since Namido no Iro. I hope she becomes more popular after H!P and certainly not go through the stuff Erika-sama went through… XD


Live long and prosper Umeda Erika and Arihara Kanna

img20090305140139524 img20090803033813469

Umeda Erika (… NOT!)

Let’s not forget, when properly handled there is a future after H!P. Erika certainly has the looks and the upstart to become successful outside of H!P. And I can’t wait to see her become more popular after leaving H!P, not that I want her to leave now. But it’s like growing up, you know. As inspiration, I read Vee’s post which includes a great testament and gallery to Erika. I can’t find that Chinami pic Vee mentioned. But I thought I’d throw in my own, since I happened to save a Chinami pic along the way in preparation of this post.


Good luck in your future career, Erika and sotsugyou omedetou! Don’t forget your time in Hello! Project and the fans that adore you to this day!

~Siggy, who says moeeee~ to suspenders ^_~




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8 09 2009

Well, we differ here majorly 😀 I like her only for the tension and towel thing 😀

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