30 08 2009

This past Wednesday I was over at my friend’s place for a mini-vacation. While I was there I got the opportunity to go to the Mitsuwa Japanese marketplace in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Now you may be thinking this sounds suspiciously like something I’d write in a real blog. Well, it certainly does, but there’s one part of the trip that pertains to my hobbies/entertainment interests.

So we went to Mitsuwa and my friend gave me the tour. He specifically showed me the candy section, because I love Japanese candy, in particular Hi-chew. So I went and bought the 6 Japanese flavors (I refuse to buy American Hi-Chew…) that I have not tasted. Though I have to say that I have had green apple before, but it’s just in a different packaging which to me = buy it.

We got some quick to go food and microwaved it there, something that I’ve always seen happen in konbinis but now I get to do it! It’s quite exhilarating really. While we were in the food court eating I noticed some Korean kids near us. And wow they were sooo annoying. This one kid, I swear he had a crush on the girl sitting opposite of him. He kept on trying to get her attention and doing the “Nobody Nobody but you!” thing.

After leaving the food court we went to Sanseido Books, the Japanese bookstore. Lots of manga, lots of magazines, children’s books, some small non-Japanese selections, a small selection of albums/singles, and a DVD rental place. It was realy cool. For all the Japanese I hear/watch, it still feels like I’m seeing/hearing a fabled mythical being when I really see/hear real Japanese people. While I was walking around I’d hear the lady speak over the phone in Japanese a lot.

Anyway, the one part that has to do with my hobbies is what I bought from here. I just saw this among many other magazines.


You’re probably thinking exactly what I’m thinking… Yajima Maimi on the cover of UTB. At first, I was like MAIMI! It gave me hope that there might be something else I was interested in, in the shop. But that really wasn’t the case, so I took a look inside the book.

img20090623132254485 img2009062313231303 img200906230518323

Little did I know I was also going to find Airi in there too! These pics are courtesy of the H!O picboard, cause I really have no way of scanning these pics myself. But amazing, it is such a big difference to actually have the image in a book versus the image on your computer. Maimai was also in the book, which… 3 C-ute girls is a definite reason to buy the book. So I bought it. Here’s some of my favorite pics and the trading card that I got There were 3 sets, each set had a C-ute girl in it and I got Set B with Hagiwara Mai. I’m trying to arrange for trades to acquire Airi and Maimi from the other 2 sets.

img20090623052802756img20090623123512128 img20090623052723754

That Maimi pic on the left is probably one of my most favorite pics of her… mainly cause of the shorts… which equals legs… ❤ Maimi. At any rate, I love the UTB magazine and look forward to revisiting and hopefully getting another issue. And I want Airi and Maimi in trading card form! argh, someone make it come true!

~Siggy, who is totally in love with Maimai after looking through H!O picboard~




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8 09 2009

You’re so lucky! I envy you and your friggin yoyos! 😀 I want Japanese stores in Poland == UTB for myself?! I would have to rob my parents and kill somebdoy for money …might try some day XD

8 09 2009

“Nobody Nobody but you!” thing?! should I google it? XD what’s that?! Could you show me *wink wink*?

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