Miracle in the Hole: Kusumi Koharu

20 09 2009

If you’re reading this, you probably already know. Kusumi Koharu of the 7th generation of Morning Musume has been slated for graduation, come this December. This comes hot on the news of the eldest C-ute member, Umeda Erika, graduating next month. Well, I don’t really know what to think. I’ve had a complicated time with Koharu from her Iroppoi Jirettai debut to today.


Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane. Koharu was praised by one Tsunku as a miracle, an ace in the hole. Do you remember the last miracle? If he even referred to her as such, it was Goto Maki, which brought us Love Machine and the golden age of Momusu. Koharu certainly did not do this for Momusu when she got there but she added in some young blood. I still wonder to this day, who judged her voice, because I never thought it was passable. That was 2005, four years later she is now much more grown (height/body wise at least, I can’t say for sure about her actual personality).


Funny, as I go on the H!O picboard to grab some pictures of Koharu, the first girl that pops up on the banner is Koharu! Koharu has been an interesting member. While, I initially thought she was nowhere near worthy of her Tsunku-given title, she really was a miracle in a way. She was given an anime lead that eventually turned to her own solo career. She went from being shy to what I consider a crazy crackhead. There’s a certain thing to being a new member of Morning Musume. It’s like a rite of passage. You start shy and Up-Front decides what personality you should taken on. I presume at the time, they needed someone energetic and childish, considering that Koharu was young.


But let’s look further, she even got photobooks! A solo career, solo lines, photobook. Koharu really must have worked hard. I’m not completely sure what she was doing about her voice, since I still don’t think her voice is trained very well. Perhaps she was being overworked. A lot of people have noticed that her energetic persona she displays is quite the opposite of what she has when she’s in an intimate controllable environment. The recent H!P magazine shows us how relatively calm Koharu is. It only looks to me that Koharu was very much manufactured there.


At any rate, I don’t really like to delve into that topic. It’s much too subjective. I suppose it’s no surprise. Someone had to graduate eventually. Morning Musume has been in its current 9nin configuration since Kanashimi Twilight (Panda switch for Yossie+Mikitty is acceptable). I must admit following Morning Musume during this stable time sure made it feel like Momusu was like this all the time. When I watch old concerts with Iida, it’s like… “this isn’t Morning Musume?!”


But for me, I must admit that Koharu was a core component of what Momusu was to me during Yossie’s leadership. I applaud her for her hard work, it definitely shows considering how much work she has done compared to other members. And while she ranks very low in my personal rankings, I will admit that there are some points of her that I do like. She is a pretty girl and she is amusing. I await watching the graduation. This will be the first Momusu (Elder Club does not count) graduation that I am aware of before it happens and I can be ready to watch out for the graduation.


I’m overall happy that Koharu was in Morning Musume. I regret not giving her enough love. But overall, she still scares me… cause… you know… it is Kusumi Koharu, yay! yay!

~Siggy, who cannot listen to Guruguru Jump the same way anymore~




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20 09 2009
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11 12 2009

A lot of of people talk about this issue but you said some true words!

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