Hello! STORE!!! USA

10 10 2009

I wish I could say I knew it was coming, but I certainly didn’t. I was quite surprised at the announcement of Hello! Store USA a while back. But I was determined to check it out and buy something to support my favorite girls. So about a week ago, was the midnight opening (PST) of Hello! Store USA. And I waited for it… to 3am in EST…

Midnight Opening

As I have mentioned, the midnight opening was set in Pacific Standard Time. I woke up 10 minutes before 3am in my Eastern time to wait for the opening. It was quite fun and exciting when the doors opened and the servers were getting destroyed. I stayed in wotachat while waiting for loading and the such. Eventually I got through and was pleasantly surprised


I must say I was greatly surprised at the variety and number of items they had. I opened many tabs while the site was still being extremely slow (no doubt, people who stayed up for the opening). Eventually I got through my order but I wasn’t sure if I had actually put the order through, and I wasn’t about to duplicate my order if it really went through. That was when my order was like around $50. I found out that it didn’t actually go through and I had to “save” shipping to actually make it go through. So when I finally finished my order, I wound up getting $184 worth of Hello! Project swag (don’t forget that $9 shipping too for oversize… darnnnn). Overall, I’d say the experience was fairly ok minus the slow loading times but I can forgive that since I know the reason why. Now onto to the most important part of this post.


I know that I am an impulse buyer and it really shows in this order. I greatly apologize for picture quality as I’m not really a good photographer and there were a lot of hard shots. I tried my best to align everything for a group shot too! And for those who happen to be wondering, yes those are my Bugs Bunny / Dalmations sheets on my bed ^_^;. So without further adieu, these are the items I got from Hello! Store:

S7301231 S7301232

My package came hidden behind the tree next to my house.
Look at everything padded with bubblewrap!


C-ute Fan from the Summer 2009 Hello! Champloo concert
I really like C-ute. I really LOVE orange. Orange + C-ute = <333

S7301242 S7301245

Hagiwara Mai Sports Towel
I got this fully out of impulse cause I really like Maimai.
It looks nice, I guess I can poster-ize it.

S7301249 S7301257

Morning Musume Platinum 9 Disco Concert T-shirt
This shirt is awesome. Member-neutral, very cool in design and good taste
I can’t wait to wear this!

S7301278 S7301276

C-ute ABC Concert and Wonderful Hearts Winter 2009 Concert Visual Books
I’m really surprised how big these books are.
And they are soooo nice >w<

S7301265 S7301267 S7301268 S7301264

Morning Musume Group Single Collection from Resonant Live
I like these costumes actually.
Notice that JunJun beat the system and made it in 3x


JunJun and Leader from P9D Tour in Large size
Takahashi’s glove is … so hot
❤ JunJun

S7301272 S7301271S7301273

C-ute Atarumo Hakke!? Group Photo set
C-ute! On top of Eyeless Maimai!


Suzuki Airi and Yajima Maimi from Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu Photoset
My two favorite girls from C-ute <333

S7301239 S7301241

Niigaki Risa Muffler Towel + Shouganai Yume Oibito Photoset
Gaki-san!! Gaki-san!!


Everything laid out as best as possible, suteki da ne?
And as an added bonus more shiny goods!

S7301280S7301285 S7301281

Heart of Yoyo’s around Gaki-san!

Well, I can’t wait for Nine Smile stuff to come out. I want it!!! Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures of the goods. The Visual Books are really nice so I will be making efforts to get more. And overall, I’m happy that we have a Hello! Store in America now.

~Siggy, who impulse buys too much~




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