Hello! Store USA part 2

22 10 2009

It should be no surprise that I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Nine Smile merchandise would come up during a time that wasn’t surprisingly inconvenient for me. Lol… I seriously wrote “surpris” 3 times in that sentence. At any rate, I camped out for the raid on Hello Store last week. Originally the plan was just to get 1 order. That ended up becoming 2 orders… Surprisingly, I got the second order first before the other one seems to even be near completion. I’m going by the information reflected in my Inbox. Not too long ago, I saw H!S tweeted that they’re bogged down on the high volume of orders. Well, I guess I have a while to go before my other order comes. For the spoils of war, read on!


Airi wants you to read on, she promises you won’t leave unhappy ^_~

So what do we have this time!

S7301292 S7301293

A small USPS mailing envelope
The yoyo is there blocking my personal info … >.> just in case.
Look inside… and at my Bugs Bunny/ Dalmations sheets


This surprised me, I don’t recall the order sheet being so detailed even with pictures.
It means they’re upgrading, they’re working on better things!
Or it means I have very very short term memory.


Compared to my first order, a relatively small order, but dang… look at all that blue. XD

S7301298 S7301302

Cutie Circuit 2009 Airi and Maimai 2L pics
I like Airi in her Bye! Bye! Bye! outfit
and Maimai, you can never go wrong with Maimai


JunJun package
Nine Smile Concert T-shirt including wristband and 2L photoset

S7301304 S7301311


JunJun’s shirt is sooo blue (though I could say the same about Reina’s and LinLin’s)
I actually like the design of this shirt
H!P shirts are amazing comfortable too
Either that or there’s a placebo effect on these things

S7301320 S7301322


Yours truly rocking the blue on orange, Complementary colors!

❤ JunJun

~Siggy, who awaits his next order for some 5th gen love~




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31 12 2009
2009 Year in Review « Conflict Productions

[…] grand opening, I’ve gone way over my budget and made 5 orders. But I don’t regret it, not one bit ^_^. I’m pleasantly surprised that they have gone the extra mile for everyone, due to setbacks […]

22 05 2010

Please share your photos with other H!P fans at the new Hello! Project Official Goods group on Flickr!

See sample photos from other worldwide fans here:

*Also, this week HelloStoreUSA is running a contest to give away 2 official H!P photo albums to fans who post their photos in this new Flickr community.

Contest info:

Thank you!

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