15 11 2009

Although yes, Halloween is well half a month past, I finally got the pictures. I wish I had more pictures but don’t really. Then again, I didn’t have that many more opportunities for pictures. Anyway, for Halloween I dressed up as a “wota”. For those who don’t know, you can consider a wota to be a fanboy. In particular, a fanboy of Japanese idols and/or music.

So for my wota costume, I made use of some here and there things and the merchandise that I got from Hello! Store:

  • Niigaki Risa Nine Smile Tour T-shirt
  • Niigaki Risa Nine Smile Wristband
  • Niigaki Risa Platinum 9 Disco Muffler Towel
  • Takahashi Ai Nine Smile Wristband
  • Gaki-san and Takahashi’s Nine Smile T-shirt pictures
  • Fannybag
  • Bookbag
  • Orange Bandanna
  • Wonderful Hearts Summer 2009 C-ute Fan
  • Wonderful Hearts Winter 2009 Visual Book
  • Jeans, glasses, sneakers

I tried to be as stereotypical in otaku image as possible. The first things that come to mind when I think of an otaku is this:


Densha Otoko! That’s right, the classic otaku love story is about as stereotypical as it gets. Plaid shirt with jeans and glasses is the mainstay of otaku fashion. I was thinking of wearing plaid but then I opted to be more obvious about my fandom. I have to say wearing a bandanna was a very good decision in cementing the image. It really makes me stick out from just a normal person.

I originally wanted to have posters protruding from my bookbag. Since I had an exam, I didn’t have time to make those things. Instead, I got a fannybag from home. Which was good, because then I could carry my Gaki-san and Takahashi pictures safely and closely.

I was going for being a Gaki-san wota by donning all Gaki-san wear. But I tried to go just a bit farther by putting in various other Hello! Project goodies because I really wanted to use my C-ute fan. In fact, by using my C-ute fan, my costume becomes a pun: fanboy. Get it? ^_~


IMGP0312 IMGP0313

The pictures were taken at my school’s Japanese Cultural Association club on the night before Halloween. The six of us were actually dressed up as something. From left-right: H!P Wota, Frank West from Dead Rising, Stock Villian from Stock Movie, Southern Italy, Bartender, and some sensei from Yu-Gi-Oh GX (I cannot remember for the life of me what it was).


Just imagine, if I seriously dressed like that everyday…

~Siggy, who needs to watch the Chanpuru concert in that get-up…~




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