The Chronicles of Mitsuwa: Kago Ai Edition

24 11 2009

So, this past Sunday was a landmark in my life. I met the one and only, Kago Ai. Not only that, I shook her hand!! But I’ll leave the thoughts and coverage for another post as it is way too much for what I may want to say.

I spent a good portion of my time there taking random footage for updates and memories. After about 2 hours of cutting and editing (and creative decisions) I produced a condensed 15 minutes (including credits) of the footage I got.Here is Part 1 of Meeting Kago, which I dubbed, “The Chronicles of Mitsuwa: Kago Ai Edition.


Throughout the first 2 clips, I went for a calm before the storm feel. I opted to use classical music and turned to one of my favorite relaxing tunes, Elvira Madigan by Mozart.

@ 0:29, my complete disregard at my friend’s “time” statement. Watching the video over again, it felt like a somewhat comedic event, and this was where I started realizing I had a lot of random amusing comments.

@ 1:05, look carefully and you’ll see Madara walking up to the Customer Service section. Madara noticed us soon after I stopped recording because of our distinct “wota” look XD.

@1:16, Wow what horrible geography knowledge, I have… I was right the first time that Chicago was in Illinois…

Abrupt music change, but this is the beginning of music that I felt was tailored for the moment. It’s a “sneaky” kind of music that I felt could be associated with us tailing the Kago decoy. I originally heard this tune, “Night of the Living Room”, in the drama Akihabara@deep. In fact, I use Tucker’s music for the rest of the video XD. Cause, it really is that good.

@2:00,  The zoom comment was rather amusing in hindsight. In this whole scene you can feel the “documentary” feel as I purposely made rough cuts all over the place, given the footage I had of course.

@2:30, He was in fact right in front of us to the left beyond the scope of my camera. As I said, per his preference, he did not want to be recorded.

@2:57, Idol wear: Sunglasses, hoody, face masks, caps, and anything to hide your identity against the all-seeing paparazzi! Notice the man that strolls by with three babies XD

@3:26, We had actually met Madara by the time I was reporting on the Kago decoy, but I felt the clip was right placed over here.

@4:00, Charles from wotachat was epic with the two cameras and all the shots he took. Berikyuu was the hard to see green shirt girl from H!O. Rikappi was blocking her in my view. And Berikyuu had brought the girl in blue to Mitsuwa as a surprise to meet Kago. Wow, what a surprise! Good friend you are, Berikyuu. Madara was conversing with a lot of people. And so we see the rest of the cast for this documentary.

@4:30, Believe it or not I had about 6 clips where this same scenario happened. “Kago isn’t here yet, still waiting, it’s (time).” But this one clip was important as I called it “The Chronicles of Mitsuwa: Kago Ai Edition”.

“Koi no Hundle” was used, because I wanted to show our building excitement. This tune was energetic but at the same time, more like a building excitement. I felt it was a good choice and really flowed with the overall progress of the last minutes before Kago’s big entrance.

@4:53, I followed Madara for the left side look. I probably should’ve stayed there as it certainly would’ve been easier to get pics/footage from that side.

@5:10, Wow what a slip-up. I didn’t even know what a weeabo was until a couple months ago.

@5:35, I believe I was thinking of saying “This is how we roll” but instead my proper grammar came out first. It’s an honor to be on the sidelines cheering on Kago though!

@5:40, I don’t actually know what kind of priority there was to the few red tickets that got into the seating. The staff was actually very good and handling everything very professionally. I applaud them for good service.

@6:10, Kouhaku is like a magical word. It’s funny that after hearing them talk about Kouhaku, the next day I saw that H!P was not on this year’s Kouhaku list.

@6:30, Sorry for the shaking, I was getting excited. I felt like I really wanted my inner wota to come out for once. This was the moment!

I felt the need to respect Kago’s entrance and left out an external audio track. Though I backed this up by putting in the very catchy Mini. Strawberry Pie.

Part 2: Kago’s Press Conference

For the press conference, I felt it needed a more relaxing tune, since the one and only is in front of us. It’s like a dream come true. So “The Moon Is High” set this mood for what I felt was a very laid back conversation + sales pitch.

@0:20, New Jersey definitely outvoiced every other location. If you listen carefully, Madara yells out, “The Bronx”. Connecticut corresponds to Holly. I forgot the name, but there was a girl that was from California who had seen Momusu as well as H&A. Quite a wota there. Two thumbs up go to the one who yelled out, America!

@0:44, I captured Rikappi’s tearful moment behind her. She even refers to it in her recap of the event here.

@1:45, Tonari no Totoro Monomane. KDDI guy was becoming very awesome in my book because of this. From what I remember the last time I saw the movie, Kago’s monomane is fairly accurate XD

@1:54, my batteries were fluctuating from the strain and so I had to start setting up my spares. I missed capturing her American versions because of this.

@3:08, I ran out of batteries right after it XD

The second track that plays during most of the raffle is probably the most fun I had in picking a track. “Village in Thailand” is quite a playful tune that I felt was very fitting for everyone in their teetering situation. I certainly wish I could’ve won an autographed phone case/strap ><

The english that is thrown out from KDDI man and Kago is so awesome. Yes, Kago was the best part but you have to admit KDDI man was very cool.

@4:08, What did she say???

@4:14, Her english is a bit more clear than previously. It’s very clear in these ending stages of the press conference.

The red tickets were a big deal for all of us. I sure wish I could’ve won though.

The third track, “Electoon Waltz” was meant for a celebratory ending. It is actually the last track in the Electone Wizard album. And I feel it certainly closed up this documentary well. I even let it finish the credits.

@7:44, My friend Malachy gives Kago a Kabocha (winter squash). This was a pun and actually got an amusing reaction from her. Hope you enjoyed that.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the two videos! I was going for a real documentary feel so no transitions were needed. In hindsight, I really should’ve recorded the aftermath of the press conference. But my memory was running low (I forgot that my DS Lite had a backup memory card). And the high of shaking Kago’s hand was taking over all rational thought. You know you’d be doing the same thing if you were in my position XD

I will write a detailed account with pictures tomorrow! Look forward to it.

~Siggy, who loves Kago for introducing him to the world that is H!P~




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24 11 2009

I was actually the one who screamed “America!” XDD

It seemed to fit….we are all Americans, ne?

This is one amazing blog post siggy~! (Makes me wanna come out of my blog hiatus) ^^; T’was an excellent day, and my friend had the birthday present of a lifetime 😀 Good job on The Chronicles of Mitsuwa, hope to see you there again some time~!


26 11 2009
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30 11 2009
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