Kusumi Koharu Sotsugyou Shimasu

5 12 2009

When I hear that (the title), I understand what it means. Because I know what  sotsugyou, (卒業) means. Literally, I was introduced to this Japanese word long before I even knew of Hello! Project. But ever since Hello! Project the word means so much more. It’s a phenomenon that every Hello! Project fan has to contend with. Yes, I’m talking about the almighty banhammer that UFA wields, graduation!I'ma graduate!

For those who don’t know what this particular “graduation” is you can read below for a brief explanation, otherwise I assume anyone reading this already knows what this is about and can simply read more for the full article.

Graduation: By definition is a process in which one receives acknowledgement and his/her/their status is changed. Students graduate from high school when they have finished their required coursework. In Hello! Project, the groups have a graduation method in which a member leaves the group, having run their course, to do other things, to go back to living a normal life. These graduations to the fans mean a lot, very much like a school graduation means a lot to the parents of their respective child(ren).

Funny thing, I just noticed that I did not mention Koharu at all in the opening short of my post. This post is of course dedicated to Kusumi Koharu. By the time you read this Koharu will have graduated or is in the process of doing so halfway around the world from me. Since I’m not in Japan, I have nothing special to say about her actual graduation as I won’t witness it until a DVD of the concert comes out like months later. Rather, all I have to say is how I’ve felt in the last couple of days as this day has come closer.

Rocking the graduation shirt

It’s been almost 3 months since Koharu’s graduation was announced. But when I think about it, it feels like such a long time ago. It feels like I’ve always known she was to graduate. And today she actually is graduated. Let those two sentences sink in for a moment.

If you’ve been a fan of Morning Musume for a signicant time you can see the meaning here. Actually, you don’t need to have been a fan for a long time, as with the power of the Internet you can see their progress from whatever time period to today.

Let’s go through that again. it feels like she’s ALWAYS been in Morning Musume. And now she isn’t. Yes, she hasn’t been in the group since 1997. But she’s been in the group for roughly the last four years. And as a fan, I have been following Morning Musume for roughly five years now. That encompasses every single day that Koharu has been in Morning Musume, including her days of auditioning.

To me, these four years have been a real joy. I’ve watched the days where she was the Miracle Ace of Morning Musume. I’ve been through the days where she was Tsukishima Kirari in Kirarin Revolution. It has been a real joy. Even if I am not a real fan of her, I’m happy for her presence in Hello! Project and the things that she has brought to the table these last four years.

She's got crack hidden under that beret.That being said, living through the progress is a feeling that can’t be replaced. Being a Morning Musume fan, is like being a parent to the girls. Over the years, you watch them grow and blossom. Koharu used to have such an untrained voice and after four years… it’s debatable whether or not her voice is “good”. But it has certainly improved. She’s grown to be quite the beautiful and tall girl. As her seniors have said, Koharu used to be a mess but today she is a reliable hot mess.

This graduation means a lot to me because of this feeling. And Koharu is the first girl to have joined and graduated during my term as a fan of Morning Musume. This is a big first. I hope for everyone else, they have felt or will feel this kind of feeling. I’m not sure how to explain it… it feels like a parent letting go of their child. It feels like a graduation. God… it all makes sense now.

If anything, this graduation is another milestone in my fandom of Morning Musume. I’ve met an ex-Morning Musume member, face to face. With that I’ve been able to close the chapter that is the Golden era. And now focusing on the present, I have to let go of that tall crackhead, Koharu. So I continue my fandom of the Morning Musume that is today.

Sayonara SEE YOU AGAIN! Adios Bye Bye Cha Cha!
you sexy princess, you…

To Koharu: Best of luck to your future endeavors. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time that you have been in my life under Morning Musume. I hope that you will prosper in your imminent future!

~Siggy, who almost teared up last night when he realized that TODAY was the day T_T~




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19 02 2010

This is long from over, I hope you know that our site (Koharufan.net) and ShigeAlliance are going to work very hard to keep promoting her fan base! I hope you do too! Let’s bring her lots of people to support her as she grows!

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