Happy New Year!

2 01 2010

For those that never actually made it to the end of my 2009 Year in Review post!

Happy New Year!

I updated the About Me page for the new year. I also added an explanation to the name of my Conflict Productions as I feel compelled to document the history of the name before I myself forget.

I will be really busy in 2010 so I will try my best to update. Hopefully it won’t be half-baked updates either, but I never know. I aim to do more reviews and hopefully start a series post of some sort, as I don’t like the idea of just reaction posting or doing posts that basically everyone else in the blogosphere are doing too.

My personal goals for 2010 are to pick up 5A for yo-yoing. I will be taking up an officer position for the Rutgers Yo-Yoing Club so I would like to improve and represent accordingly, even if my skills are not particularly impressive right now. On top of budgeting my money, I’d still like to indulge in the little things that make me happy. I’ve already decided that I have to go see POLYSICS, so I’m already on my way to that goal.

Also, I went back to my older theme as upon second thought I actually really like it. Courtesy of CharlesNguyen, I have a new and improved version of my Priceless LinLin banner. What do you all think?

So let’s look forward to a great new year. Or at least we can look forward to February 14th, when the REAL new year begins XD.




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