5th Year H!P Anniversary

16 01 2010

Throughout the latter part of my life I have seen many people celebrate anniversaries. So for today, I will indulge in celebrating an anniversary, to be more exact my 5th year anniversary of being a Hello! Project fan!

The actual day that I became a fan is unclear and as far as I can remember, it lies in fuzzy region of Fall 2004. As such, I cannot clearly pinpoint when I became a fan. But for the purposes of designating a day I use the day I became a member of Hello! Online, January 3rd, 2005 as my unofficial H!P Anniversary.

I joined Hello! Online solely for the purpose of downloading the HPS release of the Hello! Morning 2004 New Year’s Special. It is this video that essentially opened the door to Up-Front Land where they were holding all the Hello! Project girls hostage. And when I was done watching that video, I was convinced more than ever that I had to give Morning Musume a chance. What followed afterwards was a flurry of torrents (you see, because Youtube didn’t exist back in those days or at least I didn’t know about it for a while) that led to my education and appreciation of Hello! Project as a whole.

That's a lot to read

So what’s so special about this particular Hello! Morning? The first Hello! Morning I watched was unsubbed and kept me interested enough to look for a subbed Hello! Morning. Frankly, I think if I had watched a less special and uneventful Hello! Morning, I wouldn’t have been drawn in, and who knows what would’ve happened then, I probably would’ve gotten my first kiss already >w<

Jokes aside, this special is a great special for those H!P virgins and established H!P fans. The New Years special has all the elements that personally I feel really defined H!P television entertainment back in the heyday. I was extremely amused by the games that were played. Everyone showed the sparkling personalities that fans these days say they now lack. Even my best friend at the time, who didn’t like or approve of what I was getting myself into, was very amused by the special.Morning Musume, the configuration that I know them best in.

Pre Abe Natsumi graduation is the configuration of Morning Musume at the time. For this special, Nacchi was the host and Matsuura Aya and Goto Maki were special guests on each team. They split the large group into two teams led by Iida and Yaguchi respectively. They then split each team again for two separate games. They play for “New Year’s Allowances”, the team with the most wins and gets FOOD. Don’t we all miss the olden days when the girls would play for food, or a practical prize of some sort XD

The first game involves the reading of a description of a girl to which the girls will have to correctly identify and then acquire their picture all in a pool of randomly laid out pictures all over the floor. It’s quite amusing and says a lot about the established personalities of the girl. For those uninitiated (like myself at the time) you can really see the charm here in “singling out” that one girl. Back in the day Yasuda really got singled out a lot and here I was growing up watching Makoto get singled out SO many times in this episode.

Surprisingly, it wasn't Nacchi XDNacchi gets all the attention even when she's not participating.

The second game has the two teams face off in a singing competition where they have to correctly identify the song given a snippet of the song. Not only that, they also have to accomplish singing the song under a special condition. This too was a great game with some really good conditions making for very amusing conditions.

Yossie gets a headstart and rushes for the microphone. It's a Karaoke battle! Ishikawa has to sing in a sweet soft voice. Oh boy...

Interspersed between the games we have the Hello! Project theater where they perform a New Year theme skit. Very amusing skit, I leave you all to watch it if you haven’t. If you have, re-watch it and relive some memories of the pre-7th generation Morning Musume. The commercial breaks also feature the girls greeting us with their goal for the new year. There was also a short segment about Ayaya’s fan club trip to Hawaii. As a result of watching this special, I fell in love with Ayaya’s music very early on.

Gaki-san gives sage advice to her kohai's. As you can see she was very fit to be subleader even back in 2004. Idols fooling around with a dragon, perfect. Check out that SALT5 cosplay!

Also one of the big things about this special for me back in the day: Live performances. There were small snippets of several live performances that were done throughout Hello! Morning’s history. At the time, I really had never heard any of the songs that were present throughout the entire special. These live snippets and the song game (mentioned earlier) were my intro musically to Morning Musume (and to a smaller extent Matsuura Aya and Country Musume). And in a way it made me curious and pursue Morning Musume. I remember being very into the Summer Night Town chorus but for the longest time had no idea what it was called, due to the katakana.

Yeah! YASUDA!!! That's right, Yasuda managed to get in there again.

Wow still more! Yeah this special really had a lot of production going into it. The second half of the special features a special guest. I have no idea who he was but he seemed to be an amateur-ish magician? Maggy Shinji, his name was. He revealed the trick for most of his tricks so I suppose he was more personality than just magic. Also, his pet was very cool. They go through a traditional New Year’s shrine visit routine for the girls as well as play some more games. It’s a lot and I don’t want to talk all about it because my words about it simply can’t capture the joy I had watching the special.

Look at his ear man... The beginning of Mikitty vs Charmy

It’s been FIVE years (haha, Berryz joke) since I watched this special. While, I started my journey into Hello! Project through Minimoni, I consider my fandom for Morning Musume to be my real core fandom for Hello! Project. For any fan of Morning Musume there are several things they must experience, Hello! Morning is one of them. And for that I thank HPS for subbing this special.


Watch it! It’s a great special. And Happy 5th year anniversary to me for being a Hello! Project fan. Here’s to another five more years. On a related note, my blog’s 2nd anniversary passed several days ago too. So yay, Happy Birthday Conflict Productions! ****


~Siggy, who started falling in love with Gaki-san from this special (though it wasn’t until Bakajo where he acknowledged it)~

P.S. I apologize I didn’t realize I had stretched the aspect ratio on my screencaps.




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1 01 2011
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