Update End of March

29 03 2010

As I have been neglecting my blog lately, I feel compelled to reason why.

1. Final Fantasy XIII and Pokemon SoulSilver
These games take up a lot of time. Hell, I really shouldn’t be playing them but out of the kindness of my gaming heart, I am indulging.

2. School
So I have like three exams in the span of seven days, whoot.

3. Writing
It takes way too long for me to write a draft for something super long and then I trash it. The way I write just winds up self-defeating…

At any rate, several quick updates:

10 MY ME: I love Moonlight Night and Namidacchi, I’m still trying to fully appreciate the other songs. Working on it…

UTB: So apparently Maimi and Airi are on UTB again? This means I have to go find it again ><

Buono!: Can you believe I STILL haven't heard their latest single or album XD

~Siggy, who is a lazy procrastinator who wants to cry cause his schedule next semester is a FULL 20 credits~


Late Cake Day

20 03 2010

Due to the irregularities in school (Spring Break) and other unexpected surprises (cats and dogs flooding the streets) I am a bit late to Cake Day, International Wota’s birthday. Unfortunately, I guess it is my own tradition to not make a cake as I lack the raw materials and the facilities to make one.

Nonetheless, Happy Cake Day International Wota! This is number 3? Looking forward to #4. And despite all the hurdles and obstacles I am facing at the current moment I will try to update more. That being said, searching for “hello! project cake” on Google Images resulted in Momo.

Funny. So for lack of cake, I present eyecandy of all flavors! Warning: Lots of pictures, loading may be long for some.

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