Late Cake Day

20 03 2010

Due to the irregularities in school (Spring Break) and other unexpected surprises (cats and dogs flooding the streets) I am a bit late to Cake Day, International Wota’s birthday. Unfortunately, I guess it is my own tradition to not make a cake as I lack the raw materials and the facilities to make one.

Nonetheless, Happy Cake Day International Wota! This is number 3? Looking forward to #4. And despite all the hurdles and obstacles I am facing at the current moment I will try to update more. That being said, searching for “hello! project cake” on Google Images resulted in Momo.

Funny. So for lack of cake, I present eyecandy of all flavors! Warning: Lots of pictures, loading may be long for some.

Nocchi desu! A-chan desu!Kashiyuka desu! Not quite cake, but cake-inducing TsujiShe wants that cake 

 Meow, I'm half cat I'm a pink rabbitI'm half turtle Aww That short hair makes her look older Maimi teasing Airi hahaI want that shirt Aww that smile Overalls! moe~ She looks so silly hereOh! Chisato, you never fail to amuse me Maimai thinks so too I really like this hand gesture she's got going on hereI LOVE THIS DANCE MOVE! So cute Maimi shows us her sekushii biimu   Takahashi is amazed at how grown up Maimi is Looks like Momo has been corrupting our favorite cute leader

Awww Erika come backkkk The big 7x3! JUNJUN <3

 Momo is crazy  Maimai is the new Kanna

 Chisato shows she's not messing around Oh my god, YES Shiawase!Airi brushes that dirt off her shoulders Aww Kimagure JunJunWe have a new challenger: Suzuka Morita as scanned by James-kun Yankii~

She teases us about her next photobook I like these casual clothes I love that hair

Wouldn't you want to wake up to this? Or would you want to wake up to that? 

Her bikini threw me off there for a moment Why haven't I seen this sooner?

Reina in black I like this bikini Funny funny

One of Airi's adorable hairstyles One of Airi's hot hairstylesOne of Airi's cool hairstyles 


Sayumi did a bad thing Am I correct in assuming this is what she did?

Gaki-san knows she's hot Gaki-san knows she's fierce I think Gaki-san knows she looks kinda silly here

 Hi Mama PapaJunJun ~~~ *wave*

 OH MY GOD YES! SHIAWASE!!! Gaki-san is thinking of other things now JunJun is hot and she knows it Like I said: she knows itI really like this picture for some reasonNakajima is slowly climbing up my ranks Loving the purple Too bad this is like the only small size picture 

Boys and girls be ambitious! YES!Gaki-san shows us how to properly hold a lightsaber I have no idea what's going on but it's cuteLook at her new hair! yay Gaki-san  YAY Gaki-san, GENKI+

 Hop StepJump That hat looks so nice so does that vest Oh Gaki-san, how I love your laughing

Okay, I give up too many pictures. Too much alternate text, one last picture

Too hot

~Siggy, who is very unproductive~




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22 03 2010

Yes, you *are* unproductive.

23 03 2010
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