15 05 2010

Alas, it has been too long since I last posted. The end of school started getting hectic and I started playing video games more. Mochiron, I still stayed up to date with my idols, albeit, my definition of up-to-date. The fact that I haven’t heard albums that have been out for months and etc is not exactly up to date.

Quick words about things that I’ve wanted to mention. And I want to make it quick unlike most of my other posts which become far too ambitious.

  • Perfume – Where/What are they doing!?
    perfumecoverI was going to say, Perfume has been sitting around doing nothing ever since releasing Triangle and doing their Triangle concert tour. Then the news that their double A-side comes out. And while it’s not like orgasmic magic like some of their other songs are, the new songs are still quite good. Especially, Fushizen na Girl. My god, they look amazing there… especially Nocchi. mmmm Nocchi…
    Someone told me that they are the hosts for Music Station. That would explain a lot. Now Perfume is on top, they own everyone. They’re with Tamori-san was his name? You know, that one guy, who’s ALSO on top of everything in the music world. Needless to say, I haven’t heard anything about Perfume because I’m too low on the idol chain to know XD.
  • Hello! Project – Main groups
    Morning Musume’s new album came out. Not that great like P9D was but I still like some of the songs. Also, JunJun has been getting really popular and getting a lot of exposure lately. Shanghai Expo and all. C-ute have been sitting around in my library waiting to be listened to. Berryz… yep…. still waiting
  • Hello! Project – S/mileage
    Now they a group legit. And sometime very soon they are performing at Japan’s Professional Basketball Final Four game. I honestly have no idea where that came from… but props to UFA if that increases their popularity. I guess they have to start somewhere.
  • Hello! Project – Concerts
    Shuffle Date = Amazing!
    Mobekimasu = Good, but I haven’t finished watching it yet. Darn finals…
    Rock’n Buono 2 = Amazing, Momo getting trolled.
  • Hello! Project – Miscellaneous
    Gaki-san’s new photobook, yes! Takahashi’s new photobook, yes! Maimi! YES! Good time to be loaded, horrible time to be waiting. Also, Hello!Store has once again collected my paycheck.

Those are the main things out of the way. But there’s another big thing, which I might just have to talk about in its own post. Though everyone else has probably said something about it.

So get this, Morning Musume (guests of honor at last year’s Anime Expo) are to be the guests of honor at Paris’s Japan Expo this year. Japan Expo also hosted AKB48 last year.

This year, they have switched places. Coincidence? I think not.

Notice, Perfume is so top… they’re the only people that get a picture in this post, lol.

~Siggy, who is now on summer vacation for two weeks, now he has time to waste~




2 responses

15 05 2010

“They’re with Tamori-san was his name? You know, that one guy, who’s ALSO on top of everything in the music world. ”
Tamori’s the host of Music Station (among other things), not Music Japan XD

15 05 2010

Corrected, just after I posted it XD
But thanks for the info!

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