Update [11-25-2010]

25 11 2010

Hola! Just wanted to let my faithful readers (all three of you) out there that I am still alive. I’ve started my graduate studies at school and taken up a post as a part-time lecturer so I have much less time to idle these days. That being said, yes this is not an actual excuse. Unfortunately, with the way I write posts can never get done unless I have extended periods of time where I can really think about what I want to write and then finally write it. And due to my work I haven’t been feeling the writing mood lately.

A couple things since the last time I wrote:

– The Pokemon anime soundtrack is a very good background music for waiting out red lights and attempting to pop balloons with a pair of scissors attached to three yo-yo strings.

– Muten Musume’s single is really good. I don’t care what you want to say about why they’re doing it or for that matter what they’re singing about. It’s a legit good song and coming from a time where singing songs about strawberry pies and other “silly” things, as long as the music is good, it’s good.

– I’ve spent way too much money on Hello! Project in the past couple of months. But I have also bought Perfume’s Livefolio (really great photobook) as well as m-flo’s 10th year anniversary concert DVD. Admittedly, I think the Cosmicolor concert was better as well as longer, but who am I to complain? It’s still a GREAT concert. And Love Long & Prosper in M-F10 was even more amazing than the first time Taku did the song during Cosmicolor.

– I performed a yo-yo routine using Capsule’s “Hello”! There might be video proof eventually.

– ┬áNocchi is hot.

I will unfortunately be buried under work and exams in the upcoming month so my plans to write about the upcoming triple graduation (that I won’t even actually see for a while), as well as reviews, retrospectives, and other articles I had planned probably will not come to fruition. But perhaps I’ll find some time to write during the winter break. Oh… wait I should be studying for the PRAXIS exams… argh. I’ll find time somehow… I really do want to finish some of the things I have in my backburner.

Anyway, back to work. While all (three of you) are waiting for my next big post just remember that I’m still active online so I’m keeping up with the news and blogs. I’m still very much here!

That is all.

~Siggy, who wasted his entire Wednesday before Thanksgiving and now has a lot of work to do Thursday because his professor mentioned that the homework assignment was extended to Friday, but our homework is ALWAYS due Friday…~