A Whirlpool

3 07 2011

Long time no see everyone! I’ve been all kinds of busy in the past two months setting up the next stage for my life.

But alas, here I am once again showing a commitment to my blog. There happens to be a lot of happenings since the last time I updated. So let’s rewind a little bit.

  • AKB48
    Those girls are at it again. Congratulations to all the records that you’ve all shattered. My interest in AKB remains mostly as it was for the past years. So I don’t have much more to say about them. I heard and saw the original Beginner PV recently and immediately felt as if I had heard it already. Though I think I did hear Beginner before, the sound is distinctly AKB so perhaps I am expecting too many different things from them. What’s more, I’ve seen/will be seeing more of them in dramas so who knows maybe I’ll have more to write about AKB some time soon.
  • S/mileage
    That they will be having a new audition was admittedly unexpected. I have treaded lightly for some time now but this change of members will be a very exciting move. Every group beyond Morning Musume (even Mano Erina to some extent) has propagated small waves in the entertainment world for Hello! Project. I really look forward to see what the auditions will bring in. The way Tsunku-san described the member additions it seems akin to the original Berryz Koubou dynamic. Considering their challenge to SNSD, more members surely would make that viable.
    And can you imagine a bunch of legs being shooed into the audition room and then Tsunku-san checks all their legs out. Amusing thought…
  • Morning Musume
    I actually quite like Only you and the B-side as well. It looks like September can’t come any sooner and I know I’m going to feel pretty sad to see a whole dynasty go away when Takahashi graduates. More on that if school doesn’t swallow me whole. Maybe I’ll just preempt it and write my graduation post a whole month ahead and time release it.

Now on to more pressing matters!


I am bored this summer. Really, I’m one of those people who have a million things to do but always say they’re bored. It’s possibly the feeling of getting bored of having so many things to do. And here is where I can test if anyone reads this (or more realistically anyone who will give feedback).

What can I do?

I love this girl

What would you like me to do on my blog? Something unrealistic, something outrageous? Should I write my thoughts on some topic that I have yet to touch? Should I blargh all over something everyone has already touched? My ability to write is contingent on ideas and motivation to do so. Unfortunately school has burned a lot of these two during the school year. I have a little bit of free time and would like to pick up by submitting myself to the people’s choice.

Did I mention I love THIS GIRL!?

There was a time when I was interested in doing community surveys and or outreach. But I’m currently at a loss of if there is anything going on. International Wota’s Summer Refreshment program comes to mind, maybe I should partake in that? Albeit, I don’t technically qualify to partake in the official program.

So, in short, I’d like some suggestions as my ideas are becoming stagnant and/or too buried. I have so many drafts that I will probably never finish, or one day they’ll be finished when they’re long irrelevant. It is hard to write. I gave up writing in my own journal two years ago but I had small surges here and there on this blog. I’d like to keep going and I’d like some push to do so.

So, ideas anyone?

Suzuki Kanon desu!

Zukki wants to hear your ideas too. She promises they’ll be heard and considered : D

~Siggy, who was told by his mother to go to sleep after she made him eat food at 2AM~




2 responses

3 07 2011
Ray Mescallado


You’re a friend of IW who’s contributed to one (and a half) roundtables since our reboot and you have an established history in the wotasphere. I would GLADLY overlook the technicality if you wanna do the Summer Refreshment Program. Getting you back into blogging is what the program is all about!

So drop me a line.

– Ray

4 07 2011

Write about how fantastic Zukki is? 😉

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